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Jon Fleischman

BOE 3: Advantage: STEEL

Late last week, former State GOP Chairman Shawn Steel sent out an e-mail announcing that his wife, Michelle, had been appointed Deputy to Board of Equalization Member Claude Parrish.  This becomes important because in the race between Michelle Steel and Assemblyman Ray Haynes to get elected to the Board of Equalization in this sprawling district (OC, SD, Riverside and parts of LA and San Bernardino Counties), ballot title is a huge advantage!

It was reported in a FlashReport analysis of this race back in August:

"In obscure races like this, it seems like the most effective ballot title is ‘Deputy, State Board of Equalization’ or some other title that will give voters the feeling that the candidate already is in the office.  So Steel or Haynes should be schmoozing Parrish…"

You can check out the e-mail that I got from Shawn below.

In tennis parlance: "ADVANTAGE:  STEEL."