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League of Cites: YES ON 76!

You didn’t read much in the main-stream media about the League of Cities meeting recently held in San Francisco.  Then again, why would you?  It’s the LEAGUE OF CITIES (can you say…B-O-R-I-N-G to any newspaper reader).  Not so boring, though, is what happenned at this particular meeting relative to Proposition 76, the Governor’s "Live within our means" fiscal reform measure on the Special Election ballot.

You had a mini-debate of sorts as speakers to the League meeting included Governor Schwarzenegger, the proponent of 76, and state Controller (and candidate for Governor) Steve Westly, and opponent.  There was a LOT of grassroots-style lobbying — with the leadership of the League out there trying to quell the groundswell — ultimately unsuccessfully.  Despite a previous vote by the League Board of Directors to stay neutral, the delegates voter 135-124 to support it.

You don’t hear much from embarrassed League officials on this important demonstration of local support for Proposition 76, but the Governor was quick to praise the decision:  "Local officials – mayors, city council members, know firsthand what happens when the politicans in Sacramento spend more than they have,” said Schwarzenegger.  “They sit in traffic for hours each week because transportation funds are raided. They’ve had their money borrowed in both tough times and good. Last year, I stood with them to pass Proposition 1A. I am now proud to have them standing with me on Proposition 76.”

Tip O’ The Hat to Randle Communications, who went ‘point’ on this for the Governator.

Elsewhere in the news today, an opinion column from Alan Bock in the Orange County Register becomes the ‘must read’ story on why we need to pass Proposition 77: Redistricting Reform on the Special Election ballot. 

Also, Los Angeles Times columnist George Skelton pens an interesting piece on what happens if those who disagree with having a Special Election don’t come out to the polls…

These and other interesting stories are here.

Happy Columbus Day!