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Barry Jantz

Sunday San Diego…Whovillians, the ACLU, Ward Connerly, Here Comes the Sun, and More

Chuck LiMandri on Mt. Soledad Cross…. A nice year-end message from the fearless attorney in support of preserving the mountaintop memorial:

As this Christmas season winds to a conclusion and we prepare to ring in the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to express my deep appreciation to all of you who helped achieve the stunning success we realized this year in preserving the Mt. Soledad Cross Memorial for generations to come. To think that within just the last six months we witnessed a Stay Order from the United States Supreme Court, new legislation passed by Congress and signed by President Bush and, only last month, a 53-page appellate decision in our favor–these "monumental" accomplishments are nothing short of miraculous. None of this could have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of an army of men and women of goodwill–all following the example of leaders like yourselves. Although the court battles to preserve the Mt. Soledad Memorial Cross are not yet over, it is clear that the momentum is strongly in our favor and, after almost 18 years, ultimateRead More

Congressman Joe Baca’s son – 2006 Democrat Assembly Primary loser Jeremy Baca – Seeks Rebound Political Office

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try to serve on a local city council.

Today the San Bernardino Sun reported that longtime Rialto (population 99,000) resident Jeremy Baca, the 34-year-old son of Inland Empire’s lone Democrat Congressman Joe Baca and 2006 Assembly primary loser, has decided to seek appointment to a vacant city council position in the city of Colton (population 48,000). Read about it here. Jeremy Baca is attempting to follow in the footsteps of his older brother, Joe Jr., who after being soundly defeated in his bid for a State Senate seat in the 2006 Primary campaign, successfully sought election in November ‘06 contest to the Rialto City Council.

The Flashreport has written previously on the attempts by San Bernardino County’s Democrat Congressman Joe Baca to establish a political dynasty in the Inland Valley by running his children for a variety of public offices in a scheme to ensure that most Democrats in public life in the Inland Empire share the… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Governor on Pension Reform; More Reading Suggestions

Yesterday Governor Schwarzenegger announced the formation of a new commission to look at our state’s soaring pension obligations. The good news is that the Governor is making a proactive effort to look at this issue. The bad news is that public employee unions will NEVER, EVER consider adjusting public sector retirement benefits to mirror those in the private sector. You would have to look really hard to find private companies that offer such lavish ‘defined benefit’ programs (where retiree benefits are guaranteed to be a certain amount each year). In the private sector, retirement programs are almost always based on ‘defined contributions’ where an employer puts aside money into a fund on behalf of an employee while they work, often times matching contributions made by the employee themeselves.

We applaud the Governor for wanting to focus on this all-important issue, and we counsel the Governor to make sure he devotes a good number of his six appointees to this commission (he has set it up where he gets six, and each legislative leader gets three) are from the private sector.

The Governor… Read More

Barry Jantz

A Little Light Reading for the Guv

Yesterday, Jon recommended the Governor read a good book during recovery, while subtly linking to a suggestion.

However, that pick may be a bit too much of a tome for someone not bound to be down very long. I suggest the shorter "Anthem," for a novella-like quick grasp of Objectivism and anti-socialistic economics.

If the Guv is not prone to Rand, perhaps "Economics in One Lesson" would serve him well heading into 2007, especially prior to considering any additional bonded indebtedness.

Any other suggestions?… Read More

Brandon Powers

Predictions for the New Year

As we close out the year in just a few days, I thought it’d be fun to reach out to a few friends to get some fearless predictions for what’s bound to happen in 2007.

First to respond were OC GOP Chairman Emeritus Tom Fuentes, and research super guru (and former Cal-YAF Executive Director) Jim Sills.

From the Chairman

1.California Democrats will begin their draft of Maria Shriver as their nominee to follow her husband as Governor.

2.Straining to look more Reaganesque, Ah-Nold will give up motorcycles and take up horseback riding. A Hollywood stunt coach will provide small cue-cards to help him say "Giddy-up" and "Whoa".

3.Following his performance as Master of Ceremonies at the gubernatorial inauguration, Willy Brown will be appointed Social Secretary and Senior Legislative Policy Advisor to the Governor.

4.LA Mayor Antonio Villarigosa will bolt from the Democrats and launch a new Progressive Socialist Party in the Golden State. He will beRead More

Barry Jantz

Liberals Complain SD GOP Blocked Dem Gains in ’06

Received the following this morning fromSD GOP Chairman Ron Nehring….

Liberals Complain Republican Party Blocked Dem Gains in San Diego in 2006

In a revealing story published in today’s Voice of San Diego local liberal activists are quoted complaining about the effectiveness of the Republican Party in winning multiple local elections in the county in 2006, bucking a national trend that favored the Democrats.

While 2006 was a banner year for the other party, "…the momentum liberals, progressives and everyone else under the Democratic tent gained after the Nov. 7 election didn’t carry over to San Diego, where incumbency, key endorsements and the well-funded political organization of Republican and conservative causes held the trump card in this year’s most competitive and visible races."Read More

Jon Fleischman

Governor Works from Hospital Bed

Governor Schwarzenegger is working away from his hopsital bed, using video teleconferencing to dialogue with his staff. He released the following statement today: "Today I woke up feeling great and I am back at work. From the hospital I am preparing for my State of the State address, meeting with members of my staff and working on the state budget. I am also looking forward to my inauguration to a second term as your Governor – even if it means I have to walk into my swearing-in ceremony on crutches. Over the past few days I have received so many phone calls and notes wishing me a speedy recovery. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers." Maybe it’s time to relax, Governor, and read a good book!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Umberg frontrunner in race to succeed Correa on OC Board of Supes

With Lou Correa being sworn in as Orange County’s newest State Senator (well, I guess he is sharing the honors with Mark Wyland who will represent some of southern OC), there is now a ten-way donnybrook underway to fill Correa’s seat on the Orange County Board of Supervisors. To most FR readers, this won’t raise much of an eyebrown as only a small percentage of our overall readers are from California’s most Republican County.

The election will take place in February, and so it will be a quick and high-profile affair. That said, as I look at the field of candidates, it would appear to me that just a simple review of them would give an obvious leg up to former Assemblyman Tom Umberg. The vast majority of the candidates are Republicans, and significant is that no one Republican seems to enjoy overwhelming support from the GOP community. Umberg, while not the only Democrat on the ballot, has already received the endorsement of the… Read More

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