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Jon Fleischman

Live – Bond Negotiation Update

Your FlashReport “cub reporter” is actually at the State Capitol today. I was going to search out someone that could give me an update on how the ‘Big 5’ negotiations are going on the BIG BOND$ Infrastructure Plan. Well, just now I stepped off of the elevator on the first floor of the Capitol, and found lead Assembly Republican negotiator on this package, Rick Keene.

To make a long story short, Keene was telling about 15 reporters that, despite good faith efforts by Governor Schwarzenegger, the Democrats continue to want to load up the package “like a Christmas tree loaded with ornaments” – Keene said that Republicans are still very interested in helping a common-sense infrastructure plan come forward, but that right now there is no agreement.

We’ll see how it goes – but I am proud of Keene and our GOP legislators for holding a firm line for fiscal sanity!