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Jon Fleischman

Today’s Commentary: Senator George Runner: Appealing to the independent voter has been a means of success for the CRP for years

What follows is an exclusive commentary penned for the FlashReport by Senator George Runner.  Runner is Chairman of the Senate Republican Caucus…

Appealing to the independent voter has been a means of success for the CRP for years
By Senator George Runner

I agree with the governor’s contention (delivered to Republican conventioneers on Friday) that the California Republican Party should embrace independent voters if we want to increase membership.

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5 Responses to “Today’s Commentary: Senator George Runner: Appealing to the independent voter has been a means of success for the CRP for years”

  1. Says:

    Mistake One….the Republican Party should have politely declined having Arnold deliver his left wing pap. I heard rumor advocates of HEALTH CARE REFORM are looking for Dr. Mengales in South America for a major administrative position.

    Mistake Two….running some of the biggest nitwits in California for major political positions. Conclusively…if you cannot beat Brown or Boxer….your a nitwit eh?

    Mistake Three…not totally cleaning out every LOSER pundit, fund raiser, operative, guru, hanger-on from the California Republican Party each and every time another embarassing loss in major election occurs. Of course, we cannot have that…..loyalty…loyalty…we are the GRAND OLD PARTY…

    Mistake Four….webs sites like this one need to reach out to real Californians not the goldee-locks country club set for political support.

  2. Says:

    If memory serves me correctly, the Runner alternates were in a pant to make sure that the Ventura County Republican Central Committee was taken over by right-wing Republicans. Interesting how George Runner is talking about appealing to the independent voter as being a success for the CRP – especially since they are not allowed to vote in the Republican Presidential Primary.

  3. Says:

    Katie, Is that as opposed to Democrats in Republican clothing? The last leadership of the VCRP was driving the institution down the road of irrelevancy. Mike Osborn and company are the best thing to come to that conservative county in a long, long time. I wonder if you might not be sour grapes?

  4. Says:

    Kevin, I don’t know if you live in Ventura County. Ask the VCRCC about the recent resignations they’ve had and why. Your idea of a best thing is a joke. This county is a 42/40/18 split. It is not a conservative county and the GOP leadership better sit up and smell the coffee. It is real close to flipping over to blue thanks to the complete lack of attention is has received for the last year.

  5. Says:

    Hey Kevin, I just looked up your website. Didn’t realize you had a vested interest in Ventura County as a construction/PAC type organization. My group, CAPC is sponsoring a Ventura City Council Candidate’s Forum on October 3, 2007. Ventura is a hotbed of development/anti-development sentiment – we are hoping to change the dialogue. For more information you can look at We are reaching out to the broad middle of both parties and trying to build consensus. Both parties have been taken over by extremists. There is a reason the DTS is the fastest growing voter block in California. I intend to stay a Republican but I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch my party go down the toilet.