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Jim Battin

Night of the Living Democrats

As promised below, here is the other version of the upcoming political drama in Sacramento — so without further ado, I give you…..

Night of the Living Democrats! (<—- click the title)

In this version I had to expand the stars into the Assembly (primarily because the Senate Republican caucus is currently all male) and one of the main parts is female.  

Don’t blame us for not having a female Senator – we tried mightily to have Lynn Daucher join us – blame the Dems (right, Lou Correa?)

So now this becomes an action drama starring (see if you can spot them all):
     Assemblywoman Bonnie Garcia (as the heroine)
     me! (as the hero)
     Senate President pro Tem Don Perata
     Senator Carole Migden
     Senator Darrell Steinberg
     Speaker Fabian Nunez
     Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger (as the intrepid repoter – it’s a post-partisan role)

This parody is so funny in how exactly perfect all the dialogue is – we live this every day  :-/  

Really, we do.

They say comedy is good when it’s true……watch it and laugh.  

The real thing starts in only eight days!


One Response to “Night of the Living Democrats”

  1. Says:

    Senator, it sounds like you are making an argument for a part time legislature. You obviously have too much free time on your hands!

    Seriously, great job. Very funny.