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Congressman Doug LaMalfa

Tehama County Republican Dinner

Saturday night in Red Bluff, the annual Party dinner event went very well.  We had as our keynote speaker our state Republican Party chairman, Ron Nehring.  It was a very successful event thanks to the Tehama Central Committee and the Tehama Republican Women.  Attendance was pretty good, everyone seemed to have a good time enjoying some great tri-tip, BBQ’d right on sight, and each others company.  We were joined during the evening by our Congressman Wally Herger, several local electeds, and all the candidates seeking to replace me when I get tossed from the Assembly this November.   It went so well, there were not even any arrests!*   Ron has been very dedicated to getting around to our north state counties as state party chairman to articulate the Party’s goals and stress the importance of all 58 counties being engaged. 

We appreciate Ron’s presence up here in all these small town areas, you know the ones with jus little airstrips like what Earl’s crop duster flies off’n, or with just itty bitty 2 lane roads in ’em…come to think of it we do have that new-fangled I-5 freeway runnin through here…it’s got FOUR lanes on it and in some places, SIX lanes wide fer all them trucks to pass in.  [Why they callit a ‘free’ way though?]  

Dad gum, Elmer, I think we’ve arrived, lets grab a sixer of Oly and go sit and watch that new stop light turn all them purty colors.  We kin tawk bout all that big high speed rail doins they’s makin a fuss bout down in Sacratamayta….cept seems to me like they might should tawk bout makin the train go high speed insteada the rails…reckon a guy could cut hisself real bad with them rails whizzin by like thayat…course we could use them sharp edges on em fer slicin venison on when them railroaders ain’t lookin!  

Ya know Elmer, I maght just vote fer that rail idea them big city fellas and gals are pushin.  They sez it’ll only cost bout 10 bullion to put in.  With them "cost overruns" they always toss in later, I’m bettin’ it won’t be much north of 40 bullion accordin to ol’ Freddy Mack down at the Savings and Loan.  Them taxpayer groups are fussin that them rails cost overruns’ll will make yer billfold feel flatter’n the "possum overrun"  like ya see out on Hog Ridge Road on Sunday mornings.

But I feel real good, since our Sacratamayta folks bin over lookin at them high speed rails them Frenchmen built, I jus know they kin use their new "expertise".  I know fer me, takin that 3 lap ride in the Richard Petty Driving Experience Nascar racer fills me all full of "expertise" to buy me a multi million dollar NASCAR team n go racin with Earnhardt Jr…you like that word new big word I learnt Elmer, "expertise"?  I saw it on Miss Ellie’s new Radio Shack computer muhsheen she got at the 2nd hand… I’m gettin real good at that Pong game on there now, too!  She could beat me like a rug on thayat thing at furst.  

She wants to get that InterNet deal hooked up to it.  I told her she better get her own durn Inter Net and leave mine the heck alone.  Las thing I need is to be raght in the middle of hookin a big ol bass and not have my Inter Net in my bass boat to bag him with…she kin get her own to knock down her own WorldWide spider Webs with.  Well I reckon, thas enuff chitchat fer now.  I’m gonna clean my spent  shotgun shells outa my truck fer reloadin and set out fer church…maybe I kin get my preacher to ‘splain what this Obamma feller sez I’m sposed to be all bitter about.  I dunno, seems to me he shouldn’t hadn’t oughta said that bout country folks…how’sat gonna get him more votes?

* I appreciate Matt Rexroad’s helpful offer in an earlier post for sanctuary for me in Woodland, but since a portion of Woodland, on the north and the west, does lie in the 2nd Assembly District, it probably wouldn’t work out as planned, thanks for the thought though!  Maybe we’ll see you all at the Woodland NRA dinner on the 8th!