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Jon Fleischman

Six Lucky Doctors Get Tax Dollars As Government Picks Winners

Once again government is picking winners and losers. In this case, I get to look no further than the Orange County Children and Families Commission (the local "First Five" Commission, which is financed through a mandated tobacco tax — there is a statewide commission, and then 58 county commissions, all happily redistributing wealth).

In yesterday’s Orange County Register there was a story that the OC First Five Commission is going to be dropping $125k in medical school loan forgiveness for six lucky government-chosen doctors. Specifically, for six pediatric specialists who meet the following criteria: The doctors must practice in Orange County and accept patients enrolled in Medi-Cal and Healthy Families, the state’s low-cost insurance program.

It has been well documented that California has a tough time attracting new doctors because of the high cost of living here, combined with the high costs of malpractice insurance (this is oneRead More

Jon Fleischman

Is Pombo Looking To Pull… “A Bilbray?”

From 1995 to 2000 Brian Bilbray (pictured, right) served in Congress representing what was then California’s 49th Congressional District in San Diego County. The seat was a competitive one, and in 2000 Bilbray ended up losing his re-election to now Democrat Congresswoman Susan Davis. Fast forward to 2006 — and the high profile disgraced Duke Cunningham is forced from the House of Representatives for, in essence, selling America for personal gain, leaving a vacancy in the more Republican 50th District. Bilbray jumped into the race to succeed Cunningham, and was successful. Bilbray one the special election in 2006, and then handily won re-election in 2008.

Is there a potential parallel between Bilbray’s return to Congress, and potential aspirations for conservative Richard Pombo? Pombo… Read More

Jim Battin

They Walk The Toughest Beat in the State

A rare story about a prison assualt – as reported on Sacramento’s KXTV News 10’s website yesterday:

Guard Stabbed in New Folsom Prison Attack

FOLSOM, CA – A correctional officer employed at California State Prison-Sacramento (new Folsom Prison) is recovering after being slashed in the neck Sunday night by an inmate, according to a prison spokeswoman.

The 33-year-old officer was cut on his neck, jaw and ear and required 68 stitches, said Rhonda Carter. He was taken by ambulance for treatment at an area hospital and released later Sunday night.

Carter said Jonathan McClaurin, 39, is accused of using a homemade weapon in the attack. McClaurin, behind bars since 1997, is serving 135 years to life for three counts of first-degree robbery, vehicle theft and disregard for safety.

Carter said the prison is investigating the stabbing, which took place in a maximum security unit at about 7 p.m. Sunday, as attempted murder.

The guard has been employed by the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation for 3 1/2 years, CarterRead More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Some Initial Thoughts on Radanovich

Candidates are already jockeying for position to run to replace George Radanovich in the 19th Congressional District. As currently constituted, the 19th is a safe GOP seat, so all the action is in the primary this June. Rumored candidates are State Senator Jeff Denham, Former Fresno Mayor Jim Patterson, and current Fresno City Council Member Larry Westerlund.

The Lincoln Club of Fresno County is presently considering opening a federal committee in order to participate in Congressional races in 2010. If we do, I can assure you, those that we interview for Congressional District 19 will come out of a meeting with us bleeding. There will be demands placed on whoever the candidates are that they legislate with conservative credentials – period.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

*Breaking* Excerpts From Radanovich Retirement Announcement

FlashReport Exclusive…

Here are some excerpts from the statement that Congressman Radanovich is making to his friends, supporters and to the public… Read more details about the Congressman’s retirement and his choice for a successor in the blog post below this one… "During the past 15 years that I have been a Member of Congress representing my friends, family and neighbors from our Central Valley, not a day goes by that I don’t feel a sense of pride and honor in being their voice in our nation’s capital…" "Every decision I make andRead More

Jon Fleischman

Rest In Peace, Bill Cavala

This morning the Sacramento Bee and Calbuzz carry obituaries of Bill Cavala. Bill was a legendary Democrat professional and activist who, among other things, worked for decades at the side of former Assembly Speaker Willie Brown, Jr, helping him to secure innumerable political victories.

Needless to say, Bill and I had little in common in terms of ideology or issues. Despite this, over the past decade, and especially since I launched this website in 2005, Bill and I became friends. We have a string of emails going back and forth that must number in the hundreds. We joked, shared analysis — and regularly called each other out if our rhetoric overshot reality (ok, that was mainly him schooling me).

Bill and I both began our road down the path to politics in high school as members of the Junior Statesmen of America (where I now serve as a… Read More

Jon Fleischman

*BREAKING NEWS* U.S. Rep. Radanovich To Retire; Senator Denham Shifts Sights To Congress


FlashReport sources have confirmed 15-year veteran Republican Member of Congress George Radanovich, who represents a safe GOP House seat in the Central Valley, will announce shortly that he is retiring from office at the end of this term — he has spent the morning breaking the news privately to key supporters. Congressman Radanovich’s wife, Ethie, is apparently very ill and Radanovich will be leaving Congress to spend more time with his wife, and family. (Radanovich is pictured, right)

Radanovich was swept into Congress in the infamous 1994 Republican wave that brought a GOP majority to the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in a generation. That year Radanovich was selected by his very large group of fellow GOP Freshman to be their class… Read More

Barry Jantz

Coalition Challenges San Diego’s Campaign Finance Restrictions

I have written in the past about how the City of San Diego’s campaign finance laws go far beyond those included in the California Political Reform Act. On top of this, add a City Ethics Commission that oftentimes takes "interpretation" into its own hands, seemingly becoming a policy-making entity instead of a regulatory body that is supposed to simply apply and enforcethe already restrictive local laws.

When the fledgling candidate can’t even begin to compete for a city position due tothe costly need for professional treasurer, accountancy and campaign software assistance, that marks only the beginning of the problems with the city regs. What of campaigning for a seat a couple of years or more in advance if one so chooses? Seems like a fundamental right if you ask even the distant observer. It’s not.

As a Charter City, does San Diego have the authority to restrict campaign activity in such a manner as to exceed that regulated by the State’s Fair Political Practices Commission? Good question. Charter cities do indeed have the authority for localized restrictions in several areas, but when it comes to State Law in… Read More

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