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Jon Fleischman

Lee Baca, the “Republican” Sheriff of LA County HEARTS Barbara Boxer

Every once in a while, someone tries to make the case that Leroy Baca, the Sheriff of Los Angeles County, has some sort of Republican credentials.  I don’t have enough time to make the case for why that just isn’t true.  While Baca’s most egregious across-the-aisle endorsement was when he backed then State Senator Adam Schiff, a liberal Democrat, in his successful challenge to Republican Congressman Jim Rogan — his most recent endorsement of a hard-left Democrat isn’t any better.

Click on the link below to see a list put out by Barbara Boxer of some County Sheriff’s endorsing her re-elected to the United States Senate.  Among them, the Los Angeles County Sheriff — truly a R.I.N.O — Republican In Name Only.