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Barry Jantz

Breaking News: Francine Busby Knows How to Party – Arrests Made

This is a FlashReport blog exclusive.  The word is that 10News will run a story at 6 pm.  If so, I’ll add it to the post, but — thanks to great sources…

Francine Busby 2.0: Loud Music, Resisting Arrest, Pepper Spray, and Battery on a Police Officer

Erstwhile and announced future candidate for Congress Francine Busby sure knows how to toss a party.  The supposedly "centrist " Democrat and her followers don’t seem to respect authority too much either.  Last night’s event to raise funds for a challenge to Rep. Brian Bilbray would have only been more complete with a good old fashioned flag burning.

On 6/27/09, at about 2112 hours, Deputy ***** and *****, Clinician ***** responded to 1366 Rubenstein Avenue, Cardiff, Calif, regarding a Loud Democratic Rally with Loud Speakers.
The reporting party’s residence is located on Summit Avenue just west of 1366 Rubenstein Avenue.  The reporting party told dispatchers he was willing to sign and wanted deputy contact.  It was later learned that the rally was a fundraiser for Francine Busby who is running for Congress.
Upon arriving at 1366 Rubenstein Avenue, Deputy ***** and Clinician ***** walked down a long driveway and found an open front door.  They noticed that some type of rally or party was taking place.  Deputy ***** asked someone outside where the homeowner could be found.  The person told Deputy ***** they were somewhere inside the house.
Deputy ***** and Clinician ***** walked inside and asked another person where the homeowner was.  That person pointed at a female later identified as Shari Lynn Barman.  Deputy ***** approached Barman and attempted to inform her that the rally was causing a disturbance for one of her neighbors.  Deputy ***** noticed Barman wearing a name tag with the first name of Shari written on it.  Deputy ***** asked Shari what her last name and date of birth was, so he could document the contact with her and complete his first responder notification.
She refused to tell Deputy ***** her last name or D.O.B. and walked away from him several times.  Deputy ***** followed her and continued to ask for her last name and D.O.B. and she refused his request.  As Barman walked away from Deputy ***** again he grabbed her wrist to prevent her from walking away.  She resisted and tried to break free of his grasp.  Deputy ***** attempted to handcuff Barman as she screamed to the crowd of about 25-40 people.  The crowd surrounded Deputy ***** and began pulling Barman away from him.
The crowd was successful in taking Barman away from Deputy ***** and they continued surrounding him.  Clinician ***** was pushed out of the way by the crowd and kicked on the back of her leg by an unknown suspect.  Deputy ***** took out his pepper spray and used it on the crowd which effectively stopped them from advancing on him.  Additionally, it gave him an opportunity to go into the crowd and take Barman back into custody.  He attempted to handcuff Barman as she struck him several times on his arms and upper torso with her hands.
Another female later identified as Pamela Ann Morgan began pulling at Deputy *****’s arms trying to prevent him from arresting Barman.  Deputy ***** arrived and took Morgan into custody which allowed Deputy ***** time to handcuff and secure Barman.  Barman was arrested for 243 (b) P.C.-Battery on a Police Officer and 148 (a) P.C.-Obstructing a Police Officer and was later booked into the Vista Jail.  Morgan was arrested for 148 (a) P.C., issued a citation and released from the Encinitas Station.  Deputy ***** sustained several scratches and minor swelling on both of his arms.
Source of information: Sgt. Jack Reynolds, Encinitas Patrol Station

Additional info in the links below. Screen shots have been produced in case the links "change"….


Sunday, June 28 update – Additional stories…

Union-Tribune article (comments stacking up):
North County Times:
San Diego 6:

**UPDATE June 28 PM** – Barman allegedly attacked an officer 30 years prior.  See new post.

10 Responses to “Breaking News: Francine Busby Knows How to Party – Arrests Made”

  1. Says:

    I guess our local Democrats really know what “party” means. Look soon for the police brutality allegations.

  2. Says:

    OK, apparently, I cannot take complete credit for having it first, although the above is far more detailed than the UT website, which now I see had a story earlier this afternoon. There. I wish their traditional print writers would reciprocate once in awhile, although their blogger Chris Reed always does give credit when it is due.

  3. Says:

    Barry you should probably be happy with whatever you get from UT. Most of their articles (except for Reeds) go something like this:

    Something happened, somewhere near a university or college. It was bad. It took place on a Street, somewhere in San Diego. Arrests were made. We think.

    Or: there was a car crash on a road somewhere. people might have been hurt. Maybe.

    Honestly, even their obits are a mess.

  4. Says:

    According to the links, the fundraiser was held at the home of Shari Barman and Jane Stratton. Here’s a link from the Dem Party website:

    Stratton co-founded the San Diego Acura Tennis Classic.

    The SD Gay and Lesbian Center also includes the event on its website calendar. As a 501(c)3, the Center is likely in violation of the law for promotion of a political candidate.

  5. Says:

    No surprise here. She attracts those types of people. In 2006 she was telling a group of illegal aliens that they didn’t need papers to vote. A month later she spoke about campaigning on the Morones Radio Talk Show out of TJ Mexico! Yes the citizens of Mexico want Amnesty and this lady is poised to give it to them if given the chance. I wonder if the Bob Filner and Susan Davis campaign will try to help her this time around?
    Wonder what she’ll promise the illegal aliens this time???

  6. Says:

    One reader notes that the North County Times has some facts wrong, like reporting that Busby was not at the event, but they did include this gem: “Caldwell said the deputy was worried that the crowd was becoming dangerous and warned Barman twice that he would use his pepper spray if she didn’t calm down and stop charging him.” The reader notes what a great image that is — “All those beach-area liberals behaving like the mob celebrating the Lakers NBA ch
    ampionship — were they about to go on a drunken rampage?”

  7. Says:

    It reminds me of the seal activists at La Jolla Children’s Pool.

  8. Says:

    Barry knows how to throw a party. Just ask Jon.

  9. Says:

    Want some interesting, yet disturbing reading? Check out the DailyKos take on this. Not only was the prediction spot on, but some of the commentary is downright disturbing. “Clash of Cultures”? “Sociological conflict”? Wow!

  10. Says:

    Thank goodness the folks that comment on DailyKos have such an outlet ;-)