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Jon Fleischman

Never Mind Building NEW Dams, Legislation Seeks To Demolish Existing Ones?

This just in from our friend Brandon Criss, Chairman of the Siskiyou County Republican Party…

Common Sense From Us in the North State How can the State of California save $250 million, provide clean green hydropower energy for 70,000 homes, prevent the raising of electricity rates on Californians, provide $1.6 million annually in direct revenue to a rural county government for vital government services along with a broader tax-base for that county and also provide incomes, livelihoods and recreation opportunities to its residents? The answer is easier than you may think. All the State of California has to do is NOT demolish or breech hydropower dams on the Klamath River in far northernRead More

Jon Fleischman

Governor’s Office Takes Issue With CalBuzz Column

This brief commentary just came in from David Crane, Economic Advisor to Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This piece is a response to a blog post over at CalBuzz.

Accompanied by a photograph of John Wayne packin’ a six-shooter, Wednesday a columnist wrote that Tax Reform Commission chairman Gerry Parsky was "aimin’ to bushwhack" the tax reform panel.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Tomorrow the Commission will meet in Los Angeles, followed by another meeting Monday in Berkeley and more discussion as necessary before the Commission presents its recommendations to the Legislature and Governor. There will be plenty of time for the Commission members to study and digest the proposals before any recommendations are made.… Read More

Jon Fleischman


Yesterday I reported that Orange County Supervisor Chris Norby called and told me that his is a candidate for the GOP nomination in Assembly District 72. Currently Norby still occupies that territory all by himself. But names are definitely swirling around of other potential candidates. These (so far) include Republican National Committeewoman Linda Ackerman (the wife of now-retired Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman), Placentia Councilman Scott Nelson, former Placentia Councilman ____, Orange Councilman Jon Dimitru.… Read More

Matthew J. Cunningham

Miller Off Ethics Committee, But Not Krekorian?

Speaker Karen Bass today temporarily recused Assemblyman Jeff Miller from the Ethics Committee that is investigating Mike Duvall’s actions. Presumably that’s because it was Miller to whom Duvall was regaling with his sexcapades in the infamous video, and bass feels there would be some sort of conflict.

But what about Assemblyman Paul Krekorian, who is the co-chair fo the Ethics Commitee? Here he is at a California Against Waste event with ith Heidi Barsuglia, the lobbyist with whom Duvall was (allegedly) having an affair:

Somehow, I don’t think Speaker Bass will be quite so sensitive to appearances off conflicts in this instance.

[Don’t bother looking for the photo: it’s been dropped down the memory hole].… Read More

Meredith Turney

Miller Removed from Assembly Ethics Committee

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } … Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Green Jobs industry is a mythical concept in California

Green Jobs is a feel-good buzz term that inspires visions of blending environmental kindness with job creation and economic development in our communities.

However, the reality is California really doesn’t have a strong green job industry. Other states, like next door neighbors Nevada and Arizona, have green job industries because they have built a foundation for green job manufacturing with a friendlier overall job creation environment. (Click here to watch a video of my opposition to a measure that is predicated on California’s green job myth).

Unfortunately, California has failed to create green job manufacturing because we have spent the past decade divesting our state of the once vibrant manufacturing job sector – Another 120,000 manufacturing jobs left California just this last year.

Sure we have created a few sparks of success in niche industries related to green jobs, but we do not have full-blown manufacturing jobs because manufacturers have gone to friendlier business climes.

If the California Legislature wants to make the state a serious player in the green jobs… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Darrell The Deal Killer

When the tale is told of this year’s legislative session, clearly one of the major themes we will see is the inability of Senate President Darrell Steinberg to actually achieve major accomplishments — unless you count the inability to do so as some sort of achievement.

Darrell "Deal Killer" Steinberg is so tied and beholdin’ to the most ideologically extreme elements of his caucus that we are about to watch opportunities to resolve issues like the water infrastructure shortage, the prison funding crisis, and our state energy challenge Perhaps I should alter my perspective a bit. As a conservative ideologue, perhaps I should relish the fact that Steinberg’s "leadership" is stopping progress in all of these areas. Invariably I probably would be less than satisfied with compromise solutions on any of these topics.

Nevertheless, I presume that Senate Democrats actually want to achieve nothing of note this session.… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

Voter Fraud rampant throughout the United States

Anyone who believes that voter fraud is a thing of the past or not a serious problem in the United States should read these headlines that were published in papers around the country in recent days:

* Two more charged with voting fraud in Lexington election * Update: Atlantic City councilman’s job status still undecided

* 11 accused of faking voter registration cards in Miami-Dade

Our right to vote is one of our most cherished freedoms. Therefore, we must never tolerate voter fraud.

To learn more what we are doing to prevent voter fraud in California, visit www.votesafenow.orgRead More

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