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Duane Dichiara

Calling Out Betty Jo Toccoli, President of the “Small Business Association”

Betty Jo Toccoli is the President of the California Small Business Association. This is the same organization which, every year, awards the most liberal Democrats in the legislature kudos for their great small business votes. Worse, every year these kudos appear in campaign mail around the state… for the worst small business votes in the state.

So I’d like to use this forum to ask Betty Jo Toccoli and the California Small Business Association exactly how they come to their decisions in handing out rankings to legislators. It’s a fairly simple question, really. What’s the process, Betty? You can either email me directly or you can post below, and I’ll repost… won’t even edit. If its a real process there shouldn’t be any problem. If I’m somehow wrong, you have a clear shot at me here.

Now of course you can figure out the next post, which is Betty not responding, and me listing their corporate donors (already saved the page, Betty), and the lobbyists who represent them in Sacramento (saved), and asking you to call them to ask them why they are paying for this nonsense… then the post after where I show the voting records of everyone involved and compare them to Betty Jo’s rankings… and so on…

Betty, ball is in your court.

3 Responses to “Calling Out Betty Jo Toccoli, President of the “Small Business Association””

  1. Says:

    Kinda funny that this same outfit endorsed Mike Morrell for State Assembly–your client!–in the 63rd AD. Does that mean we can call Morrell a liberal?

  2. Says:

    The CSBA website says nothing about endorsing Morrell, or anyone else in
    the 63rd AD (

  3. Says:

    Mr. Sills,

    Check out the Morrell website. This group’s endorsement is listed near the very top.