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Senator Tony Strickland

Tony Receives the Approval of Small Business and Support of Americans for Prosperity

Campaign Update from Tony Strickland

Less Than One Month To Go!

October 6, 2010
Dear Friends,

We are now less than one month from Election Day and our campaign is traveling from Eureka to San Diego to speak to you, the voters, about your concerns with how state government is being run in Sacramento. I wanted to share some exciting news from the campaign trail with you and let you know how you can get involved in taking back Sacramento on November 2nd.


Today, the National Federation of Independent Business awarded me a 100% approval rating for my work in Sacramento supporting our communities’ small businesses. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy and they need our support if we are to create good, well-paying jobs with a future in our state. As Controller, I will make sure that our small businesses aren’t shortchanged by politicians who are more concerned with winning elections than doing the right thing.


Recently, I was endorsed by Ventura Country Supervisor Peter Foy who is also the chairman of Americans for Prosperity California. AFP California is a great group of concerned Californians who, like you, realize that we must send better people to Sacramento, not more of our hard-earned money. I am honored to have many of their support.


As we enter the last phase of our campaign to turn Sacramento around, I need your help now more than ever. Please ask your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers to get involved by visiting our website, and donate if they are able. We must get our message out across the state if we are to succeed.


Also, as we near Election Day, your assistance getting people out to the polls will be essential. You can volunteer through the California Republican Party who will be running the get-out-the-vote operations across the entire state. We need your help in bringing everyone you know to the polls.


On November 2nd we will usher in a new era of accountability, transparency and effective government in Sacramento. With your generous support, time and ability to speak to those in your communities, we will be victorious and be able to get California back on the path to prosperity. If you have any concerns or questions, you can always reach me or a member of my staff at

All the best,
Tony Strickland