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Jon Fleischman

Dem Candidate Pougnet (CA-45) Pushes 3rd Party “Tea Party” Candidate To Try And Beat Rep. Bono Mack

Desperate times call for desperate measures from Democrat Congressional candidate Steve Pougnet, who is challenging incumbent Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack in California’s 45 District, which covers the lion’s share of Riverside County.  Pougnet, who is currently Mayor of Palm Springs, represents the kind of ultra-liberal Democrat that would vote with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi almost 100% of the time were he in Congress.  Pougnet is now spending his campaign funds to try and suppress Republican voter turnout for Bono Mack by trying to elevate the 3rd a third party candidate, Bill Lussenheide, who is labeled by ultra-liberal Pougnet as a “The Tea Party candidate” – seriously.

In the mailing below, other than the disclaimer in microprint identifying that it is funded by Pougnet’s campaign, the piece is simply a “contrast piece” comparing the public policy positions of Bono Mack and Lussenheide.

But that isn’t enough – Poignet is also doing “robocalls” into Republican households from an unnamed woman identifying herself as a Republican, doing more of the same.  You can listen to that recording on the player below.

The bottom line is that Pougnet thinks that Republican voters are, well, stupid.  He thinks that by doing this sort of nefarious back-door campaigning for Mr. Random third party candidate, that GOP voters are going to throw their votes to him, and in doing so launch Pougnet into office.  From where I sit, first and foremost this effort from the Mayor shows an utter contempt and lack of respect for the tea party movement.  Second, through this effort Pougnet is showing that he is duplicitous.  On one hand, he attacks Bono Mack for being too Republican when communicating with Democrats and independent voters.  And on the other hand he is trying to push a message out to Republicans that she isn’t conservative enough.

Earth to Steve Pougnet, next to Nancy Pelosi, Congresswoman Bono Mack looks very conservative.  Is Bono Mack a moderate Republican?  You bet.  Does she vote the way conservatives would like on every bill – not all of the time, no.  But this is a watershed election that is focused on one critical goal where the U.S. House is concerned – that is electing a Republican majority, dumping San Francisco’s Pelosi as the Speaker and replacing her with a Republican, and putting a stop to President Barack Obama’s hard-left-wing agenda that is ruining America.

If you are a Republican in the 45th District, you need only look at the issue of Obamacare.  In a Republican majority, Bono Mack participates in passing legislation to repeal this terrible piece of legislation.   Pougnet, in sharp contrast, told watchers of an August debate between the two that he, “generally supported the President’s healthcare policies.”

Oh, and for those people wondering why Pougnet would engage in this kind of activity, FR’s sources have confirmed that Bono Mack has a considerable lead over Pougnet amongst likely voters, hence the desperation strategy.

2 Responses to “Dem Candidate Pougnet (CA-45) Pushes 3rd Party “Tea Party” Candidate To Try And Beat Rep. Bono Mack”

  1. Says:

    Sounds like the same kind of mischief being perpetrated by Karen England in the LG’s race. Divide the Republican vote and let the liberals win.

  2. Says:

    So what is new the republicans have done this for years.