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Jon Fleischman

Thursday Random Thoughts

  • Republicans are poised to pick up three U.S. House seats in California, which is a big deal since with our highly partisan gerrymandering, it is rare to see a party-flip in a single seat.  This portends well for Carly Fiorina, if federal races in California are being caught up in this national sweep for the GOP.
  • The next big “scandal” to rock California politics will be public awareness and repudiation of local part-time elected officials (city councils, school boards, water boards) who are cashing in on full-time employee benefits (Cadillac healthcare benefits or big cash payments to opt out of it, retirement benefits, and the like). 
  • In Assembly District 5, the California Medical Association is pumping big bucks into electing a liberal Democrat Doctor into what has been a long-time GOP seat.  Apparently the priorities of the CMA are raising taxes, and increasing burdensome government regulation.
  • Everyone has become obsessed with public opinion polling, trying to figure out who is going to win for an office based on each latest survey.  I would remind you that the results of a survey are only as good as a pollster’s ability to gauge an accurate turnout model.  So the more “off” they are on predicting the turnout, the more skewed their results.
  • It was just uncovered that embattled San Bernardino County Supervisor Paul Biane spent years driving his county wheels on a suspended drivers license.  He says that because he didn’t know his license was suspended, he therefore didn’t violate the law.  Huh?
  • It is going to matter here in California that it is likely that by just after 5pm on election day word will spread like wildfire that Democrats have lost the House of Representatives, and that Republicans are having a historic evening.  With so many voters more “connected” than ever due to advances in technology, this news could really increase a late GOP turnout, and suppress Democrat enthusiasm (even more).
  • My favorite story of egregious abuse of full-time bennies for a part time official this cycle comes out of “Surf City” Huntington Beach.   The taxpayers provide gold-plated healthcare coverage for Councilman Joe Carchio and, apparently, for his ex-wife.  He’s signed up his wife, then  got divorce, but kept it a secret, and kept her on the taxpayer-funded healthcare.
  • U.S. Rep. Jerry Lewis, dubbed the “King of Pork” for the piles of egregious earmarks that were approved by the House Appropriations Committee, of which he was Chairman, in 2006 when the GOP lost the majority, recently said that he would have educate Carly Fiorina (who has taken an no earmark pledge) about how some earmarks are good.  Right.  This from the guy who supported the Bridge to Nowhere, Highway to Nowhere, the Airport to Nowhere, and who used earmarks to spruce up the local D.C. part walking distance from his home in Washington.
  • Proposition 24, placed on the ballot by the California Teachers Association, would repeal business tax breaks to the tune of $1.3 billion annually.  Why is the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association officially neutral on measure that could be seen as a de facto tax increase?  Oh yeah, most of these breaks were achieved when big business rallied behind a massive tax increase last year – hiking income, sales and car taxes.
  • Republicans are surging all across the country.  Looks like it will be a landslide.  The lesson to be learned if Republicans take back a majority in either or both the U.S. Senate or House of Representatives?  We didn’t win it, they lost it.  Focus should be on high profile actions that show voters this is not the “comfortable with running big government” GOP of 2006.
  • When the “business community” works to elect a pro-business Democrat in a “safe” Democrat seat, that is savvy.  However, when those same interests work to re-elect Democrats in competitive seats, then it’s time to tell these business politicos that they have gone off the deep end.  These so-called “moderate” Democrats cast their votes to elect ultra-liberal leaders every time.
  • Republicans will get a second chance at running Congress after Tuesday’s repudiation of the agenda of Obama and Pelosi.  A key test of whether lessons were learned will be whether there is wholesale change of the Appropriators.  This panel has been dominated by moderate, pro-pork spenders, and needs a serious makeover.  In Scrabble you can have such bad tiles you can throw them all in for a new set – that needs to be done with this committee.
  • On election night, I will be in-studio doing live analysis for KCBS2/KCAL9 television in Los Angeles, sparring with seasoned lefty Kerman Maddox.   Should be fun!
  • Starting in December, Assembly Republicans will be able to form a GOP Jewish Caucus – with the arrival of Linda Halderman, joining with Jeff Miller.    A proud day for this conservative, Jewish blogger!

3 Responses to “Thursday Random Thoughts”

  1. Arrowhead.Ken@Charter.Net Says:

    Having a Republican Majority in the house and or senate will help slow down King Obama’s plans.However, having a GOP that is still chock full of old school old timers like Jerry Lewis is CA41 does not advance conservative policies.

    Jon points out Lewis’ commitment for earmarks, but his case is much worse than that that item alone.

    Lewis has always and at every opportunity, voted in favor of illegal immigration and amnesty in every form. He voted AGAINST the 2005 bill to discontinue U.S. foreign aid to Saudi Arabia and other countries who export terrorism.

    Sen. Jim Demint said last week that the real work will be in getting the entrenched Republican moderates out of Congress in the 2012 election cycle.

    Fox news poll three weeks ago showed that 78% of Americans want term limits for Congress.

    Lewis has said that if the Republicans take the house next week, that he will run again in 2012. I hope so, because I need a to have a fun yet challenging opponent in the 2012 primary.

    I recommend that readers of this comment take a visit to Google and do a search on the following three words”…”Jerry Lewis Corruption” – and take a quick look at the first three pages that come up.

    We have to send true conservatives who are there to advance conservative policies and be a repesentative of thier district and then GO HOME after a reasonable time. CATO institute detailed reports show the stark difference between the way Junior congressmen vote than their senior counter parts. Something strange happens to congressmen at about the six year point in Washington. They become three times more likely to vote for spending increases.

    The appropriations committee should be renamed the “Spending Committee”. Jery Lewis has never seen a spending bill he did not like. I watched him blow hard on the house floor complaining about the delay of several spending bills, Mike Pence was sitting behind him and could not believe Lewis’ remarks when the whole country is being flushed down the toilet before our eyes. Pence just gave a look of disdain then got up and left. Lewis is satisfied with starring at the the mice while the elephants are running away.

    While I have ben warned not to run against Lewis by several entrenched RINOs,I am sure that I can defeat Lewis in the 2012 primary, but at the same time I am very interested to see and to support a candidate who will take down the dynasty of Joe Baca. Redistricting may help toward that end.

    The replacement of Lewis and Baca with super strong tea party inspired candidates will the best news the inland empire could ever recieve and may well become their destiny.

    Ken “The RINO” Hunter

  2. Says:

    Jon – I’m optimistic that David Harmer will pick up CD11 and Van Tran will take CD47 but what is the third House seat we’re going to pick up? I wasn’t aware any others were truly in play?

  3. Says:

    @Rohit Joy:

    Costa in the Central Valley is polling about 10 points behind the Republican