Jon Fleischman

Some Friday Links

As time permits (which it did today) a few highlights…

San Francisco’s Fiona Ma wants to ban parties in public buildings, and regulate how you can have them on your property… Cal Watchdog’s Katy Grimes pens today’s Golden Pen on the subject…  CalWatchDog

More links…

  • Did the census miss 1.5 million Californians?  LA Times
  • Gavin Newsom is excited to become Lt. Governor  SacBee
  • Inland Empire Republican Members of Congress are bullish!   Riverside PE
  • Education reformers causing a split among Democrats between reformers and union hacks  SacBee
  • Governor-Elect Brown to trim state’s DC office staff from six to two  SacBee

A Substantive Read For Your Christmas Eve…

(h/t Jack Kavenough)