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Jon Fleischman

Dem Candidate Pougnet (CA-45) Pushes 3rd Party “Tea Party” Candidate To Try And Beat Rep. Bono Mack

Desperate times call for desperate measures from Democrat Congressional candidate Steve Pougnet, who is challenging incumbent Republican Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack in California’s 45 District, which covers the lion’s share of Riverside County. Pougnet, who is currently Mayor of Palm Springs, represents the kind of ultra-liberal Democrat that would vote with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi almost 100% of the time were he in Congress. Pougnet is now spending his campaign funds to try and suppress Republican voter turnout for Bono Mack by trying to elevate the 3rd a third party candidate, Bill Lussenheide, who is labeled by ultra-liberal Pougnet as a “The Tea Party candidate” – seriously.

In the mailing below, other than the disclaimer in microprint identifying that it is funded by Pougnet’s campaign, the piece is simply a “contrast piece” comparing the public policy positions of Bono Mack and Lussenheide.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

David Valadeo: The Choice Of Small Business

Just in from our friends over at the National Federation of Independent Business/California… Why David Valadao is the Choice of Small Business this November By John Kabateck NFIB/CA Executive Director The National Federation of Independent Business/California (NFIB/California), our state’s leading organization representing small and independent businessRead More

Jon Fleischman

California vs. Texas

Arduin, Laffer & Moore Econometrics has just completed a sobering analysis, putting California and Texas side by side. You’ll never guess (but I bet you can) which state is more competitive…

You can check it out here.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

“Good As It Gets” Budget Compromise Sets Up High Stakes For Governor’s Race

Read More

Barry Jantz

As big rally takes place today in Oceanside, UT asks, “Who are San Diego’s Tea Party members?”

From today’s SDUT…

Activists gather today in Oceanside to advocate lower taxes, smaller government and other conservative causes A PRE-ELECTION TEA PARTY When: Today, noon to 4 p.m. Where: Oceanside Pier amphitheater, 200 N. The Strand, Oceanside Featuring: Speakers, music, contests Sponsors: Stop Taxing Us and Southern California Tax Revolt Coalition

Tea Party activists from Southern California and beyond will gather today in Oceanside, advocating lower taxes, smaller government and other conservative causes — just like Tea Partyers across America. Unlike some regions, though, San Diego County hasn’t seen Tea Party supporters unite around a slate of candidates.

Where, then, does the local movement stand in this election? Who are its members and what motivates them?

Are they an arm of the GOP?

The answer to that last question: no, not if Dawn Wildman has anything to say about it and — stand back! — sheRead More

James V. Lacy

Carla Marinucci: call on Jerry Brown to fire Sterling “The Liar” Clifford!

In a spat I had with the Brown campaign, Carla Maranucci of the San Francisco Chronicle told me last month she would not publish substantial facts establishing I was not a “birther” unless I did something like resign as a member of an organization that has sued Obama to see his birth certificate. I told Marinucci and her boss that was McCarthyism and contrary to the Columbia University/New York Times published standards of journalist ethics. But they didn’t do anything about it, making them look like Jerry Brown flunkies to me. But now Marinucci can do something to prove she is not a Jerry Brown flunky, and to help respect the dignity of women who aspire to public service up and down the state. She can call on Jerry Brown to fire Sterling Clifford. Since Brown says he didn’t call Meg Whitman “a whore” on that telephone recording, it clearly must have been Sterling Clifford, his spokesman, whose most recent previous job was working as spokesman for a black female east coast mayor who was convicted of stealing public funds. Sterling “The Liar” Clifford surely was the man in the room yelling that Whitman is “a… Read More

Barry Jantz

Your 24 Days Out Campaign Advice

To: Consultants, party organizations, and other interests backing specific candidates, either for pay or for the cause…

You should have checked out your candidate long before this. There are no better resources spent than doing a little internal background and faux opp research on your own potential standard bearer.

Bankrupties, messy family battles, criminal pasts, etc…spend the time to check it all out.

Oh, and make sure youfind out if they were ever witches, and stuff like that.… Read More

Shawn Steel

Asian Republican Strategy

Few are aware that some 13% of likely California voters are Asian. That is a huge number. SurveyUSA released its comprehensive results on October 3.This November 2nd., the voting universe looks to be some 60% white, 6% black, 21% Latino with the remaining 13% Asian.

The growing Asian voting influence should be good news for Republicans. Generally, Asian householdshavehigher levels of income, higher education, greater home ownership, more intact families and strong religious affiliations. SurveyUSAshows that Carly isin the margin of error, but the pollreveals thatBoxer has some 46%Asian support over Carly’s 38%.

This is not a newRepublican dilemma.

We can learn from Van Tran. Six years ago he surprised Republicans by winning a hotly contested primary where his Republican opponent accused Van of being Vietnamese! Despite the racial pandering, Van won—largely because he appealed to white conservatives, conservative Latinos and pushed for a huge registration for VIetnamese. Presently, Vietnamese hold some 20% of the registrations in… Read More

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