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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Calbuzz Becomes A Caricature Of Itself

I confess, I don’t read Calbuzz too often, unless I am mentioned in it.  Their latest attack on Flashreport and its publisher is intellectually dishonest, and typical of what leftists do.  Let’s just take the begining of the post, where our friend, and Flashreport publisher Jon Fleischman, is referred to as a "knuckle dragging blogger".

Now, we’re not surprised by this.  Leftists cannot comment, or argue any political point, without insult.  Arrogance and condescencion are key elements of their communication style.  They believe they are educated, moral, and singularly authorized to have an opinion based on their self appointed standing in the world.  Me, I just laugh at them.

Their heroes are people like Pelosi, Obama, Reid, Brown, etc.  Need we say more?  They personalize disagreements on policy, engage in psychotic projection on motive, and are hostile to facts, history and evidence.

Here is a catalogue of the other insults in the post:  "tinhorn barons and viscounts…yeoman, henchman, nihilist……..cabal….." are all terms for conseravtives that don’t want Republican legislators to enable Governor Brown’s proposal to put an extension of the failed 2010 tax deal on the ballot.  Absolutely no chance that any of us on the right are thoughtfully opposed to the notion of extending taxes.  We’re all just…. a cabal!

Hey, leftists.  Listen up.  You want your tax extension?  Then go qualify it yourself.  Of course the masses in California will be receptive to extending taxes.  Just like they’ve been receptive to permanent Democrat majorities and a girly man Republican governor who’ve conspired to bankrupt the State, drive the unemployment rate to 12%, and create conditions for businesses to leave, not expand.  Yes, those brilliant voters.

Calbuzz, I’ve decided the reason I don’t read you is because you’re boring as hell.  You’ve adopted all the traditional leftist cliches and insults that I can get virtually anywhere else.

Hey, and I got a $100 you’d never call any of us those names to our faces……. it’s a little different in person rather than hiding behind a keyboard.  I tend to get a little feisty about it, know what I mean?