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Jon Fleischman

Tuesday Short Takes

I’m pretty sure we’re the only state where the Governor dog has a Twitter Account (with 2,000 followers, I might add).

There is now talk of a multi-county Joint Powers Authority and the creation of new taxes to support keeping the Kings in Sacramento.  This is a very bad idea.

Ron Paul is running for President, again.  I ended up voting for him in 2008 when it was a choice between him and John McCain-Feingold.  Will I be forced to vote for him again with the late CA primary?

If revelations like these don’t cause House Republicans to dump the Appropriations Committee Chairman, and replace him with a conservative, what’s the point of having a majority?

Listen in as political consultant, Yolo County Supervisor and FR Blogger Matt Rexroad subs for Eric Hogue on KTKZ in Sacramento this Friday at noon.  Matt wants you to download the list and help him find a guest at the Royal wedding to call into the show.

For $15,000 you can get your own portable AT&T cell tower.  The company says it will help with natural disasters – most people probably just want one for their home.

Only in California do convicted murderers sue for the right to have a taxpayer-funded sex change operation.

The OC GOP’s Marilyn “Obama Chimp Email” Davenport has made a terrible situation worse for the party.  Talk show appearances to date now include John & Ken and Larry Elder.  Zip it, please.

One Response to “Tuesday Short Takes”

  1. Ernie Konnyu Says:

    Good stuff Jon!