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Barry Jantz

Tuesday San Diego: The Mayoral Donnybrook Kicks Off, Welcome to Richard Rider

Yes, I know…it just doesn’t flow as nicely as “Sunday San Diego,” but what do you want for free?

This week marks the start of much-anticipated City of San Diego Mayoral contest (incumbent Jerry Sanders will term out), and a truckload of contenders start a long drive towards the June 2012 — and possibly November — finish line.  A small truckload or a large one remains to be seen, but we can certainly count on some deep tire tracks before this one is over.  At least someone will be able to say they had their fun.

Today’s FlashReport mainpage features a focus on the race, with analysis by San Diegans Ryan Purdy and Erica Holloway.  Assemblyman Nathan Fletcher, who announced his campaign on Monday, also pens a guest piece, “A New Generation Of Leadership For San Diego.”

Yesterday, Councilman Carl DeMaio shared his thoughts on Flash with “The Reform Movement in San Diego and My Campaign for Mayor.”  As well, Publisher Jon Fleischman has reached out to District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis, who will be submitting an exclusive guest column on her prospects for mayor.  Jon will be doing the same with any other Republicans that may join the fray.  Councilman Kevin Faulconer?  Businessman Steve Francis?  Anyone?  Jon’s dance card could get full.

Speaking of joining the fray, as if he hasn’t been in it for several years already, a big welcome to Richard Rider in his new gig as a FlashReport San Diego correspondent.  In case you missed it, the longtime activist and 1994 Libertarian Party candidate for Governor recently became a Republican, and Jon immediately recruited him to the blog ranks.  Admittedly, it wasn’t that I never thought I’d see the day Rider would re-register, it was more along the lines of never crossing my mind as a possibility.  For years, Richard has worked tirelessly to hold politicians accountable on free market issues, oftentimes with a significant measure of success, while equally holding nothing back in sharing often deserved disdain for Republicans and Democrats alike, always colorfully.  He is a friend and a San Diego icon.  It is an honor to have him on the FlashReportRead his biography here.

One other San Diego hi-lite on today’s FlashReport, Mark Kersey’s piece, “Let’s Fix San Diego Now.”  Kersey is running for San Diego City Council.

As I usually say on Sunday, have a nice week!

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