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Congressman Buck McKeon

I am fighting for a Final Four spot in the Congressional GOP New Media Competition

In an effort to push for greater transparency in Congress, my colleagues and I are going head-to-head in a New Media Competition. Thanks to your support, I have advanced to the Top Eight and this week I am fighting for a spot in the Final Four.

By “liking” my Facebook page, “following” me on Twitter, and viewing my latest YouTube videos, you can help my online communications efforts in a meaningful way.

I am constantly striving to find new and improved ways to connect with all of my constituents. I am here to serve you and hope to provide you with the greatest transparency to my work in Congress. 

With the strong emergence of New Media, I am able to give you a more personal look into my work days in the 25th District of California and in Washington, D.C. By “liking” my Facebook page, becoming a “follower” on Twitter, and “subscribing” to my YouTube page, text message service, and E-newsletter, you will get the most up-to-date information on what I am doing in the House of Representatives. 

I’ve found that through social media, I’ve been able to offer minute-by-minute accounts and updates through electronic pictures, video, and streaming feeds to the House Floor.

I’m asking if you will join me as I continue pushing for Congressional transparency…

Please connect with me on my social media sites to help me advance to the Final Four:



YouTube- (The more videos you watch, the more points we receive)

Thank you for your continuous support.


Buck McKeon