Jason Cabel Roe

Gov. Brown Has the Legislature By the (fill in the blank)

You have to give Jerry Brown credit.  Last week he blind-sided his Democrat colleagues in the legislature with his veto of the budget.

Brown didn’t get everything he wanted and rarely – check that, never – does anyone in the legislative process get everything they want.

So Brown vetoed the budget without even a hint to Speaker Perez or Senate President Steinberg.  They were as baffled by the move as the largely irrelevant Republicans.

But now, Brown has them right where he wants them.  With state law preventing legislators from receiving their salaries (note this is not a deferment of their salaries, it is a forfeiting of their salaries) until the budget is enacted, those legislators that live paycheck-to-paycheck will have little choice but to capitulate to Brown’s demands.

It’s a crafty move that demonstrates why the veteran pol owns the term-limited legislature.

It is time to end term limits and put a check on the Executive, the staff, the bureaucrats, and the special interests.

One Response to “Gov. Brown Has the Legislature By the (fill in the blank)”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    In Yosemite hugging trees; wireless bad but chocked hearing Captain Medfly wants to destroy Prop. 13…go for it!

    Prop. Values will drop 40% and rents will rise dramatically…

    If banks cannot read the tea leaves on blowing up Prop. 13….we may Grapes of Wrath 2.

    By the way…the pizza and the Ahwanee breakfast buffet aren’t bad!