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Jon Fleischman

21 California Republicans Legislators Urge Perry To Run

Finishing up a three day swing through the Golden State, yesterday Texas Governor Rick Perry paid a visit to California’s Capitol city of Sacramento where he met with a large number of Republican state legislators.  Held at the offices of prominent California GOP fundraiser and consultant Jeff Miller, Perry clearly made a strong impression on those in attendance.  We know this because immediately following the Governor’s remarks, 21 GOP state legislators all signed onto a letter urging the Governor of the Lone Star State to throw his boots into the race for the Presidency.  Legislators signing the letter were:  Senators Tom Berryhill, Bill Emmerson, Ted Gaines, Doug LaMalfa and Mimi Walters, and Assemblymembers Katcho Achadjian, Bill Berryhill, Connie Conway, Paul Cook (in an apparent defection from Mitt Romney), Tim Donnelly, Beth Gaines, Shannon Grove, Curt Hagman, Kevin Jeffries, Brian Jones, Steve Knight, Dan Logue, Mike Morrell, Jim Nielsen, Cameron Smyth, and David Valadao.  Click on the image below to see the letter…

Needless to say, this is an impressive show of support for Perry, who continues to demonstrate a depth of support around the country while still not making an official announcement about his intentions.

4 Responses to “21 California Republicans Legislators Urge Perry To Run”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    As usual wrong decision!

    Perry is a regional good old candidate…yee haw…Obama 56%….

  2. Jon Fleischman Says:

    Robert, this is an outstanding opportunity for you to share with us the identity of the “Bosich” candidate for President…

  3. Bob Evans Says:

    Just what we need – a reminder of G W Bush. Personally I like Bush and think he did an OK job but mine is a minority opinion. I think all the Obama election machine will need to do is say “Do you want a third term for Bush? If so, elect Perry” and Obama will win a second term. And a second Obama term will be, in my opinion, a disaster for this country.

  4. Robert Bosich Says:


    Bringing in carpetbaggers to clean out scarce coffers needed to protect our congressman and state legislators plus finally make some gains should trump the reality national Republicans spend little in California.

    Who do I like? George Pataki or Rudy for executive ability.