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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Who is John Galt?

Right out of the book Atlas Shrugged, we have dingbat California legislators taxing internet sales to balance their precious budget, full of programs that don’t work, pensions that cost too much, and with over 40,000 State employees than just eight years ago, their solution is drive yet more business from the State.  Brilliant.

In the book, or if you haven’t seen the movie, John Galt is the mysterious man who visits succesful business owners to tell them of a better place.  Business owners begin to disappear from society with every new onerous government regulation.

In 2011, John Galt is the State of Texas, and any other State that can knock on the door of a California business owner and tell them of a place where they can live in liberty, less regulation, and keep more of what they earn.  Almost any State can say that to us now.

So Amazon and have said “adios” and there will be many more to follow.  California Democrat legislators have to be some of the most economically illiterate creatures on earth.  There will be no economic recovery here without the people at some point making some changes in the what they think about our “leadership”.