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Jon Coupal

Letter to Villaraigosa: Bring It On

As if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa doesn’t have his hands full enough in Los Angeles, of late he’s taken to attacking Prop. 13.

In a recent interview with L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez, Villaraigosa said if Jerry Brown doesn’t want to take up the charge to dismantle Prop. 13, then he will.

Well, it’s time for Antonio to engage in a serious discussion about Prop 13 instead of relying on sound bites and urban myths.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to the Mayor asking him to meet with me when he visits Sacramento in a couple of weeks.  In fact, I went a step further and asked him if he’d like to share the stage and present a balanced debate on Prop. 13 when he speaks before the Sacramento Press Club on August 15th.

We’ll see if he accepts my invitation.

A copy of the Letter is attached.

Villaraigosa letter

One Response to “Letter to Villaraigosa: Bring It On”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    May the winner be awarded court side Laker tickets?