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James V. Lacy

Super PAC allows for corporate and union deluge against Congressional candidates

They are called “Super PACs”. They can take unlimited union or corporate funds in Federal elections. They can go entirely negative on a candidate for U.S. Senate, Congress, or even President. And they are perfectly legal and just require sending a one page, one paragraph letter to the Federal Election Commission, along with an organizational disclosure. All you need to do to operate one, is to do it entirely independent of any candidate.

As a result of the “Citizens United” U.S. Supreme Court case previously reported on in this blog spot, restrictions on the amount of contributions and the source of those contributions for independent expenditure operations have literally been blown away.

Think about that in California. With 53 Congressional seats up for grabs in an election environment already confused by a new open primary system and the work of a “citizens” redistricting commission, Super PACs offer a third wild card to the hand of those hardened political professionals looking to defeat an incumbent, or sully an upstart challenger, in the 2012 elections here. But FEC Advisory Opinion 2010-11 makes it very… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Louden: CRP Should Think Twice Before Abandoning Official English

We are pleased to present this guest column…


I love “The Big Lebowski.” It’s a great film starring Jeff Bridges as the lazy “Dude” on an amazing bowling alley filled adventure to save a kidnapped victim by delivering a ransom to a group of German nihilist kidnappers who as their nihilist philosophy dictates, believe in “nothing.”

After moving to Washington, DC last year I still enjoy reading Flashreport so I can keep up with all things political in my home state. Unfortunately, I have to read another story of how weak kneed Republican do-gooders feel that being a party of meekness assures electoral victory.

Here’s a little history for my friends who will be asked to approve a new CRP platform:

Proposition 227 which gave parents the option of choosing a bilingual curriculum for their children in California’s public schools passed with 61% of voters in support. Prop 227’s campaign… Read More

Shawn Steel

Preibus’ Big Wisconsin Win

Chairman Reince Preibus’s tenure as Wisconsin state chair was no fluke. He was clearly instrumental electing a new governor, a new senator, members of congress & helped capture control of both legislative houses. His biggest RNC challenge, besides raising money, was if he could help safeguard Wisconsin against wounded Labor counter-revolution.

Reince Preibus did In spades. When big labor spent millions against the brave Supreme Court justice— the RNC went to work and revived David Prosser’s campaign to victory May 23.

The there were the 6 republican senators recall elections. National labor threw down $25,000,000. In a smashing defeat against the union thugs – Governor Scott Walker, the state party and the RNC went to work and protected 4 of the senators in districts that Obama won.

Have a look what David Frum wrote about it.… Read More

BOE Member George Runner

July Sales Tax Revenue Surpassed Projections

Although I continue to remain deeply concerned about California’s economic recovery, I’m pleased to report that our state’s budget picture—at least when it comes to sales tax—isn’t quite as bleak as it might seem.

On Tuesday, the State Controller reported that sales and use tax general fund revenues for the month of July were $977.6 million, 12.5% below the Department of Finance projection of $1.12 billion.

However, BOE actually received $1.64 billion in July, more than half a billion dollars above the budget projection cited by the Controller.

The competing revenue numbers are the result of two different methods of accounting. As required by statute, the Controller looks at “money in the bank,” which does not include pending deposits. BOE numbers reflect “money in the door,” which includes all payments—including those received but not yet deposited.

The last few days of July saw more than $600 million in sales tax revenue received by BOE. These dollars were not included in the Controller’s report because they had not yet been deposited into state coffers. Retail… Read More

Ron Nehring

The Risks Facing Business Candidates

The American political system is biased toward career politicians.

Re-election rates for members of Congress approaching or over 90% even in dramatic election years like 1994 and 2010 make this a political truism.

Conservatives often point to the long list of advantages given to incumbents as the reason so many can turn elective office into a lifetime occupation: full time staff providing constituent services, higher existing name recognition, better access to the media, established donors and volunteers carried over from the last campaign, campaign finance laws which incumbents craft but challengers do not, and so on.

These are just a few of the perks of office which carry clear political benefits the next time the incumbent goes before voters. Often overlooked, however, is how our system has become biased against candidates from the private sector, particularly when they challenge incumbents.

“Bias” doesn’t mean private sector challenges can’t and don’t win – but it does mean they face special challenges to which most incumbents are immune.

In 2010, Republican businesswomen Meg Whitman… Read More

Mike Spence

The Founding of Conservative Republicans of California

Last week I became firmly convinced that there were many conservatives that wanted a voice in the California Republican Party and local communities. Many of these conservatives didn’t view the existing vehicles as adequate for their political activism.

Out of that frustration Conservative Republicans of California was born.

There are several immediate issues that need attention. The fight to neuter the CRP Platform and the referendums to stop SB 48 and the” Amazon” Tax are all on us NOW. Throw in redistricting and the Top-Two Primary and there is plenty to do and Conservatives need as many hands on deck as possible.

I don’t think California’s problems are the result of having too many Conservative groups. The focus is to focus on less bureaucracy and more power to individuals and local organizations. CRC will be a sister organization to the California Conservative Coalition.

The first question I usually get relates to the California Republican assembly (CRA). CRA has a rich over 75 year history. As someone who was blessed to serve six years as CRA President I plan to stay a member of CRA. It has an important function. Two CRA Past… Read More

Richard Rider

U.S. mint keeps making useless coins that are warehoused

Okay, THIS one is special. EVERYONE — regardless of political persuasion or IQ — will agree that this is government madness at its best.

Ya want proof (so to speak)? Even ABC News figured it out!

Trust me — you’ll want to watch this 3 minute video. And then ask yourself this question — Why does ANYONE trust politicians to make economic decisions that control our lives?

Coins Costing Taxpayers? Federal government mints coins that nobody uses.

NOTE: Perhaps I unwisely gave ABC News the benefit of a doubt, crediting them with recognizing the absurdity of this madness.

Above is the ABC headline for the piece. But why in the world is it a QUESTION??? Is ABC not sure of the answer?… Read More

Shawn Steel

A Dagger to the National Public Vote

Last Friday, the finale of the Republican National Committee Summer Meeting in humid Tampa was the utter repudiation of the National Popular Vote [NPV]. A resolution opposing the National Popular Vote Compact won support of every voting RNC member but one who voted “present” instead of “yes.” No one can recall when nearly all 168 members of the RNC agreed on anything. Critics warn that a national popular vote would be a backdoor way of amending the Constitution, while shifting the center of gravity in presidential elections from the Founding Fathers’ vision of an urban-rural, large-small states balance to one with a much more urban.

The NPV was given new life with renegade billionaire Tom Golisano took over the fledgling campaign, after the initial post Bush/Gore election drive faltered. Golisano is a seven figure donor to the Democrat Party and ran as an ‘independent’ not once, or twice but three times against moderate Republican governor George Pataki. Golisano then moved to Florida and adopted NPV.

National Popular Vote [see their web site here] seeks to sidestep the Electoral College by… Read More

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