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BOE Member George Runner

A Victory for California’s Small Businesses

It’s not every day a government program becomes less burdensome for small business owners and entrepreneurs, but it can happen.

In my recent op-ed “A Qualified Mess,” I described the many problems plaguing the “Qualified Purchaser Program” — a use tax collection program targeting small business owners. I invited impacted business owners to send me their feedback via a survey on my website, and I shared this feedback with my colleagues and BOE staff.

I also joined small business owners and taxpayer advocates at a press conference urging reforms to this program. This NFIB-sponsored event was well-attended and led to stories by Read More

Matt Rexroad

The Process Wasn’t Perfect, But Concerns About Redistricting Are Misplaced

Now that the maps have come out from the Citizens Redistricting Commission, there are hosts of people that are being critical of the final product because of the impact they have on one or two individual elected officials that they care about. Most of these concerns are misplaced.

First of all, Prop 11 and Prop 20 did not cause Congressmen Miller, Royce, and potentially Dreier to run against each other in 2012. California demographic and political changes did that. These two ballot measures also did not cause Gallegly and McKeon to be lumped together. While the number of Republicans in the California Congressional delegation will shrink, the losses are nowhere near where they would have been if the staff of Speaker Perez would have been able to draw the maps over at 1020 N Street. Then we would be talking about losing nine seats instead of three.

Prop 11 and Prop 20 probably saved the political careers of people like Buck McKeon, Mary Bono Mack, Jeff Denham, Brian Bilbray and Dan Lungren. At least under these maps, people like Lungren have a fighting chance. He would rather run against Ami Bera in the seat he is scheduled to… Read More

Richard Rider

CA prop process is bad, but legislative process is worse

Liberals in CA vehemently dislike the CA initiative process. Indeed, they just tried to enact an effective ban on the process, but the bill was vetoed by Gov. Brown.

These mislabeled “progressives” dislike citizen-signed propositions, as such measures bypass the institution the Big Government advocates control throughout most of the state — elected officials. I doubt we’d be hearing the proposition bleating from them if such were not the case.

Moreover, the feigned concern about improprieties in signature gathering ignores the benefits of a full vetting of the prop once it is on the ballot — especially compared to our chaotic state legislative procedures.

I recommend an informative out-of-print book by the late State Senator H.L. Richardson — “What Makes You Think We Read the Bills?”

Most of us know that in the closing days of each legislative session, our intrepid CA elected leaders vote on literally hundreds of ever-changing bills — some even changed surreptitiously. NO ONE knows what… Read More

Jon Coupal

Letter to Villaraigosa: Bring It On

As if Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa doesn’t have his hands full enough in Los Angeles, of late he’s taken to attacking Prop. 13.

In a recent interview with L.A. Times columnist Steve Lopez, Villaraigosa said if Jerry Brown doesn’t want to take up the charge to dismantle Prop. 13, then he will.

Well, it’s time for Antonio to engage in a serious discussion about Prop 13 instead of relying on sound bites and urban myths.

Yesterday, I sent a letter to the Mayor asking him to meet with me when he visits Sacramento in a couple of weeks. In fact, I went a step further and asked him if he’d like to share the stage and present a balanced debate on Prop. 13 when he speaks before the Sacramento Press Club on August 15th.

We’ll see if he accepts my invitation.

A copy of the Letter is attached.

Villaraigosa letterRead More

Congressman John Campbell

Radio Silence

So, you haven’t heard from me in a while. Maybe you thought my computer crashed or I don’t love you anymore. But, neither is true.

The whole debt limit debate and compromise was very tense, very sensitive and very important. Going “over the cliff” was simply unacceptable. As I have explained before, we were never in danger of default. The government was going to pay interest on the debt and could issue new debt to pay off maturing notes. But, it would have required a 50% reduction overnight in non-interest government spending, which would have been very difficult to do. But, more importantly, fear heading towards panic was showing up in markets. That panic would have led to another financial meltdown, maybe not as bad as 2008, but certainly bad enough to plunge the nation and the globe back into deep recession. But, this time it would be completely government-made.

We could not let this happen. But, neither could we just extend the debt limit without showing the markets that we were making progress towards getting these deficits under control. If we did that, the markets would set their own debt limit by not lending us any… Read More

James V. Lacy

Labor’s “assault” on signature gathering criminal?

Big Labor and their liberal allies don’t like the initiative process in California because it challenges their choke-hold on power in this state in their perpetual control of the State Legislature. Of course, their policies have been failures. But they conveniently avoid taking responsibility, with the help of the MSM, by throwing out blue-smoke and mirrors and for example, blaming an utterly failed educational system, despite trillions of tax dollars dumped into it, on “California’s dysfunction”. Those are liberal code words for blaming the initiative system, which is the only check on their power other than the Governor’s office.

Now the liberals and unions are feeling even more threatened, as initiatives are being promoted statewide and locally to equalize their power and do good things like reducing taxes and stopping forced contributions of workers to liberal union’s political committees. So to counter those efforts at an early stage, they are buying advertisements that are intended to dissuade the public from engaging in their constitutionally protected right to petition government, which is a “hyper”… Read More

Brandon Powers

OC Supe Fundraising Numbers Are In

Next year’s showdown between Todd Spitzer and Chuck Devore was supposed to be a big battle.

Two former Legislators. Each having represented a solid portion of whatever will eventually become their Supe District.

It was supposed to be a big fight.

But looking at the fundraising numbers, the only thing that’s big is the disparity between the reports.

Todd raked in almost 100-grand, giving him just over 1.1 million Cash-On-Hand. Devore, by contrast, raised just shy of 70k, spending half of that, leaving him not even 40k COH.… Read More

Jon Fleischman

FlashReport Named Top State-Level Blog By Washington Post Readers

I am pleased to report that the FlashReport has been named in the Washington Post’s influential “The Fix” section as one of the top-state level blogs in America. Chris Cillizza of the WPost called out for nominations across the country for influential political blogs in each state. FR scored top honors along with lefty CalBuzz blog. Also featured from California were the Sacramento Bee’s Capitol Alert Blog, the San Francisco Chronicle’s California Politics Blog,… Read More

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