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Mike Spence

Kinde Durkee’s GOP Client and Efforts

I was talking to renowned slate mail provider Tom Kaptain about the Kinde Durkee scandal(s). Durkee was arrested by the FBI and has looted money from clients she served as campaign treasurer for. Kaptain, a Democrat and We were amazed at the kind of money involved with on a few clients and many more to go. Over a million bucks and counting.

I am sure there have been lots of requests from candidates for bank statements the last week.

I pointed out something odd about her clients. And I don’t mean the Democrat ones. There was actually one Republican and one Independent Expenditure Committee for a Republican she had as clients.

Durke was campaign treasurer for Claude Parrish for Treasurer and his Orange County Assessor bid. I have known Claude for some thirty years and was elected to the Board of Equalization twice. Was he ripped off?

The IE was done by the association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs for Attorney General Candidate an Los Angeles District Attorney Steve Cooley. He was the only statewide GOP candidate they endorsed, but can you image if she stole from a law enforcement PAC helping the D.A. trying to become Attorney General?

Not sure she had a line she wouldn’t cross.

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