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Jon Fleischman

“Legion of Acceptability” Meets on KFI Radio’s John and Ken Show

Yesterday at 5pm, KFI radio talk show hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou hosted Americans for Tax Reform’s Grover Norquist, Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s Jon Coupal, and yours truly for a fun segment — united a group of anti-tax leader that were dubbed by Governor Jerry Brown as the “Legion of Acceptability” — Joe Garofoli of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote about that here.

Jerry Brown's "League of Acceptability"

The premise of Brown’s assertion is that our group of taxpayer advocates is responsible for stopping his play to put taxes increases on a special election ballot this year.  The reality is that the vast majority of GOP legislators opposed these tax increases because they are bad public policy, not because of anything printed here on the FlashReport or spoken on the John and Ken Show.  Those few GOP legislators who were willing to put taxes on the ballot were thwarted by the public employee unions, who were  unwilling to negotiate with them.  Ultimately this worked out for the best, because as we have said, there was no deal possible that was worth putting up any Republican votes to put massive tax increases on the ballot.

Anyways, you can listen to the “Legion of Acceptability” segment from yesterday’s John and Ken show here (you will be downloading an audio file – be patient – could take up to a minute).  We had fun!