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Jon Fleischman

Christmas Day CA Political News Links

With our main page down for the holidays, when I get a chance I will still throw up a few of the most significant links.  And I will also include a daily “recommended read” for those hungry for knowledge!

Recommended Reading –

2 Responses to “Christmas Day CA Political News Links”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    The Community College System is a perfect opportunity to improve education in California…..REPUBLICANS…..DAH!!!!!!

    What is their mission….vocational…..remedial…..babysitting….welfare to work credit…upper level/college degree transfer….a place to hang…. yoga training on the cheap…..boy meets girl….English as a possible language….training little OCCUPY’ERS.

    Republicans will never be relevant unless they provide value to our citizens and to the millions of possbile future citizens….

    Come on….put down that chaw of Beef Wellington….

    A comprehensive State ballot…up or down vote….”THE” definitive mission statement for Community Colleges….including accountability and performance measures of educational managers.

  2. Robert Bosich Says:

    See THE REGISTER editorial 12/29/2011 on back to basics for Community Colleges.

    The poor focus, the waste of funds and minds…appalling by any measure!