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Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

Governor Arnolds Latest Bout With Amnesia

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Oped in the LA Times today is the biggest piece of garbage I’ve ever read, by anybody.  I mean really?  The gall of this guy is only second behind the condescencion and audacity of the current President.  Let me tell you what we think of you Arnold.  You burst on the scene, taking advantage of public outrage at the worst Governor in California history, Gray Davis, and your signature accomplishment was to become worse than him.  It takes California voters quite awhile to want to abandon their leftist tendencies.  In the recall of Governor Davis, you were the beneficiary of their pain.  And you spent seven years screwing this State up and destroying the Republican Party.  Yes, you reformed Workers’ Compensation.  That was your only accomplishment.  Your attempts to reform government via a special election in 2005 were commendable, but when you lost, you quit.  You sir, became the “girlie man” you accused others of being.  And you spent the next five years unsuccessfully trying to be loved.  You failed.  The State is in miserable shape, and you singlehandedly squandered your opportunity to not only reform California’s miserable cost structure and worst in the nation business climate.  Instead you trumpet such idiocy as AB 32, California’s greenhouse gas law, which let me inform you is the laughingstock of the United States.

You used the Republican Party to get elected, and you used the Party structure where it suited your needs, but in the end, you starved it of cash and made us so miserable with your left of center governance that you weren’t even welcome at Party gatherings.

Now you lecture us on a “big tent”.  I’ve been active in the this Party far longer than you have, sir, and I have never seen anyone excluded.  Your theory is complete nonsense.

In Statewide elections, we’ve run moderates, conservatives, women, Latinos, blacks, Asians – you name it, and we’ve lost on all fronts.  Meg Whitman spent $180 million reaching into every corner of this State, every ethnic group, every ideological stripe, with a common sense message of reform.  Nobody believed her.  You know why?  Because you betrayed the people of California with your “blowing up the boxes” bullcrap.  You reformed nothing.  The State, with your encouragement, added billions to its bonded indebtedness and your $15 billion “never again” refinancing.   The citizens now have the third worst unemployment rate in the nation, in part thanks to the lack of reform under your administration.

Don’t lecture us, sir.  You have no standing anymore.  You can’t change your record of failure and capitulation to the left.  Go make another movie and leave us alone.  We wish your cajones were as big as your biceps.  Maybe we’d be better off had you used them once in awhile.

4 Responses to “Governor Arnolds Latest Bout With Amnesia”

  1. Robert Bosich Says:

    Three of four of the last Democratic Presidents…their reinvented history glorified to the heavens…

    What do you expect?

    The NE lefty machine as well as the Hollywood porn crowd are spinning to a gullible public thirsting for an anti- hero’ s public persona redemption.

    He will be back!

  2. Bob Evans Says:

    Mr. Der Manouel says “In Statewide elections, we’ve run moderates, conservatives, women, Latinos, blacks, Asians – you name it, and we’ve lost on all fronts.” But does he ever wonder why? This started long before Arnold Schwarzenegger ran. In my personal experience this goes all the way back to the first term of Ronald Reagan when the CRA castigated him for raising taxes to cover the budget deficit he inherited from Governor Pat Brown (at that time and in real money terms the largest increase in taxes in the history of California). And I can think of a lot of people the far right wing-nut Republican hierarchy has excluded from participation in the party, starting with the gay community (if ever there is a constituency that should be Republicans it is the gay owners of small businesses, but no, they are insulted and kicked out). And think of all the times a moderate Republican has won the primary and can win the seat and then the far right wing-nuts run a straw far right wing-nut conservative write in, splits the Republican vote and the Democrat wins. And then these far right wing-nuts say “we are sending a message” or “the voters deserve with they got” or some other such nonsense. The only message these people send is “we are losers” and “we are nuts.” Does anybody really wonder why the voters of this state vote for the Democrat when given these choices?

  3. Robert Bosich Says:

    Nationally we have two political parties. One party would turn us into Albania socially and economically. The other is the defacto alternative…sorta tony slippery, insincere about fly over people..likes the military…the apple pie plus.

    California has two parties. One party has us about 45% toward the Albanian “success” story. The other party …againt tax/spend…obessed with regulating people’s bedrooms….daff to little people’s everyday concerns.

    Everywhere in Califonia thingees are falling apart….bad schools and declining colleges, roads, welfare fraud, political corruption, labor strife, general assimilation frustrations. PC this and paralyzing PC that….clueless command economy bureaucrats…..

    Some of Flashreport look for Republican party reform…hate to tell ya…until you starve the party operatives out due to generational incompetence….nothing changes….pass the Grey Poupon!


  4. Bob Evans Says:

    The California Republican Party has been messed up for years. For example, we had a great Republican Governor named Earl Warren (who was elevated to the US Supreme Court) followed by a good governor named Goodwin Knight (1950’s). Goodie Knight was knocked out of office and convinced to run for senate by a guy named Bill Knowland (former senator in the 1940’s) who owned the Oakland Tribune newspaper. Knowland ran for governor and both lost because the deal smelled so bad and because Bill Knowland was so far right wing he was no longer on planet earth. Then we got Democrat Pat (spend some more bond money) Brown who ran up one of the largest budget deficits ever seen in the state (up to that time). Then sanity returned in the form of Ronald Reagan, who, recall, was denounced during the primary in 1966 by the leadership of the CRA and many leading Republicans as a – are you ready – moderate. So you see, nothing has changed. The far right wing-nuts that control or seek to control the Republican Party are still singing from the same hymn book. They will never learn that California is, and has been for years, a fiscally conservative and socially liberal state (I still recall riding on a bus with a lady who had moved from Little Rock, Ark to California and a black lady got on and sat down next to the girl from Little Rock. She started to get up and said I won’t sit next to a *****. The other riders caught her accent and told her sit down and shut up, you’re in California now and we don’t stand for that kind of stuff here.