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Richard Rider screwed up Prop 30 facts. But I fixed it. can be an extremely useful source on elections — especially on propositions.  It includes who are the backers and opponents, and who the big contributors are.  But Ballotpedia “edit trolls” can alter or omit facts to suit their purposes.  I just got involed in one such Ballotpedia situation on a California proposition.

Ballotpedia is very similar to Wikipedia in operation.  Hence caution is advised.

I just corrected numberous errors in their post on California’s Prop 30 (on this November’s ballot) — the “Jerry Brown” MASSIVE statewide increase in taxes (income and sales taxes).,_Sales_and_Income_Tax_Increase_(2012)

EVERY error I found understated the cost to taxpayers, or just outright omitted damaging information concerning the prop.  Coincidential or intentional?

I found that EVERY calculation on the income tax understated the percentage increase in the tax — by a LOT.  Also it failed to include the 13.3% bracket on $1 million incomes in the summary — falsely claiming that the top bracket was 12.3% above $500,000.  And it failed to mention the unjust retroactive nature of this tax — a November vote that will impose the income tax back to 1 January, 2012.

I’m now signed up as an editor (too easy to do).  My stuff can in turn be edited by others.  We shall see if my corrections are reversed/deleted. [UPDATE:  As of the election in November, my corrections stood.  No monkey business.]

do recommend you go to the link.  The info on who is funding this prop makes clear that this is a labor union-sponsored effort.  The seven figure contributions from unions speak for themselves.