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Jon Fleischman

Nathan Fletcher’s Labor Council Questionnaire

[Publisher’s Note:  You CANNOT make this stuff up… Seriously.  – Flash]

Happy Friday!

Yesterday I mentioned rumors that Nathan Fletcher has now officially haven taken positions AGAINST pension reform and managed competition and IN FAVOR of Project Labor Agreements and “card check,” i.e. forced unionization.

Turns out these positions were taken when Fletcher was trying to get the Labor Council endorsement a week or so ago. Moments after my email yesterday, “A Friend” sent me the questionnaire and I wanted you to be the first to see it for yourself.

I took the liberty of writing a memo to accompany the questionnaire to highlight exactly how severely his positions have changed in just 18 months. It’s incredible. Pathetic, really.

NO Republican or business person should be supporting this man. Ever. For anything.


And yes, you may absolutely forward this email and link to others.

Have a great weekend. I will continue to keep you posted on the latest developments.


Tony Krvaric
CHAIRMAN (volunteer)
Republican Party of San Diego County
Croatian by blood, Swedish by birth, American by choice

(H/T to our media partner San Diego Rostra)