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An Open Letter to Mark Wyland

[Editor’s Note: Diane Harkey’s campaign sent out this email yesterday, which we are reprinting.]

Dear Mark,

Why is a San Diego area politician getting involved in a real estate investor lawsuit in Orange County?

Do you do this by routine? Has your office been involved every time an investor lawsuit comes up?

Assemblywoman Diane Harkey

NO. You got involved because you wanted to “score points” in your race for Board of Equalization. That’s why you are exploiting the Orange County real estate investor action involving my husband, Dan Harkey, and his former company.

So, you got involved. You met and strategized with the plaintiffs. You encouraged and helped develop their story. You sent your paid political consultant to sit in the proceedings – day by day – to take notes. You even created a website and briefed the press!

But, your plans were shattered when the plaintiffs and judge quickly dismissed me from the very lawsuit you were helping encourage. Most people recognized that naming me in the suit was ONLY a cheap political stunt. Apparently, you didn’t get that memo.

In addition, just this week over half of the plaintiffs dismissed their suit against my husband “with prejudice.” Look up the definition, Mark.

So, now what do you do? Your money is spent. Your plans are laid. But, I am no longer involved and most of these plaintiffs that you nuzzled up to have started dismissing themselves from the case! YIKES Mark! Your plans are falling apart.

Well…you decided to spice up the story with several brazen lies…and that’s the problem.

You claimed there was a finding of fraud. WRONG. You claimed there was a judgment in the millions of dollars. WRONG. You claimed these investors had no idea about the risks. WRONG. You claimed you “care” about these investors. WRONG.

Predatory lawsuits happen every day in California. They affect businesses and jobs. But, you didn’t care. Instead, you attached yourself and encouraged this action. Now, you are scurrying around trying to avoid being held accountable for your own words.

I’m sorry Mark, but we’re just asking that you start telling the truth. And, it looks like you will have to begin campaigning on your own record rather than spreading lies about my husband’s business.

-Diane Harkey