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Jon Coupal

2013 Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association releases Legislative Report Card

Sacramento is a scary place for taxpayers and not just on Halloween. The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association Association2013 Legislative Report Card shows the number of legislators who failed was more than three times the number who received A’s.

Jon Coupal

The grades confirm that the majority in the Legislature continue to be “hunters,” while already beleaguered taxpayers are their “prey.”

Inordinate pressure is being placed on all lawmakers by legislative leaders, lobbyists and government employee unions to go along with every conceivable scheme to raise revenue and it takes a special breed of courageous and principled legislator to resist and continue to stand up for the interests of average Californians.

We at the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association want to thank the following legislators who earned a perfect Report Card score for standing with taxpayers through thick and thin.

• State Senator Joel Anderson (second consecutive perfect score)

• State Senator Ted Gaines (second consecutive perfect score)

• State Senator Steve Knight (second consecutive perfect score)

· State Senator Jim Nielsen

· State Senator Mark Wyland

· Assemblyman Brian Dahle

• Assemblyman Tim Donnelly (third consecutive perfect score)

• Assemblywoman Beth Gaines (second consecutive perfect score)

· Assemblyman Brian Jones

The full Report Card is available at under “Hot Topics” at the bottom of the home page.