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Rep. Hunter staffer Harrison announces for Assembly in 2016

Today may be the qualification deadline for the June primary this year, but Mike Harrison is getting the jump on a deadline still two years away. The longtime staffer to both Congressmen Duncan Hunters (father and son) tells me he is running in 2016 to succeed Brian Jones in the State Assembly. I requested Harrison provide a comment, but he did one better, sending me the following:

Achieving a Better California
by Mike Harrison

A better California is something we not only deserve, it’s a goal I want to help us achieve in our great state. After much prayer and discussion with my family, I have made the decision to run for California State Legislature’s 71st Assembly District in 2016.

I believe it’s important that we continue to have leaders in Sacramento fighting for the ideals and values that allow us to reach our full potential. For the past 20 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to serve the San Diego community by working for Congressman Duncan D. Hunter and his father, former Congressman Duncan L. Hunter, both in Washington and here at home. During this time, I have learned many valuable lessons, one of the most important being if we are to change our future for the better, it is imperative we have strong voices in government advocating toward a better path. We are fortunate to have these types of leaders in San Diego already representing us in Washington and Sacramento. Congressman Hunter, State Senator Joel Anderson and State Assemblyman Brian Jones have done an excellent job working for us and I am continually appreciative of their commitment to conservative ideals and principles. I intend to carry on this important role by utilizing three basic approaches we can take to change Sacramento; fixing what’s broken, protecting what works, and encouraging innovation for a stronger future.

The reason for our difficulties in California is not a mystery. Over-reaching regulations, high taxes and an unfavorable business climate create economic uncertainty and are driving good people and good businesses away. It’s that simple. We can definitely do better; our challenges can be overcome with a combination of common sense, accountability and an honest commitment to free-market ingenuity.

Despite our challenges, I strongly believe California is the greatest state in the nation. The problem is not our citizens, it’s the direction in Sacramento. If elected, my priorities will include protecting Prop 13, strengthening our education system, improving California’s infrastructure and better promoting our state’s business opportunities.

Prop 13 provides homeowners greater assurance in their property and encourages new investment opportunities; it must be protected. California’s education system can be improved to ensure that our young people possess the critical thinking skills they will need to survive in the real world and in the global market. Our vast infrastructure, which set the standard nationwide on how to efficiently move people and goods, is aging and requires improvement upgrades and new construction that must be carried out in a way that truly meets our changing demands, not serving a partisan political agenda.

Finally, the innovation opportunities in California are limitless. Promoting a pro-business environment, where new ideas and technology can be encouraged and thrive rather than discounted and hampered, is the best way to protect against losing families, jobs, and businesses to states like Texas and South Dakota. Imagine the potential if our local assets, such as our coastline and ocean, were more fully utilized to encourage business development and create new jobs responsibly. Imagine the growth that would occur in our regional economy if our state were to actually provide incentives for companies to start up or move their business to California rather than casting a blind eye of indifference when they leave.

Reaching these goals will not just happen by chance. They must be introduced and championed by political leadership willing to remain steadfast in an environment where the first reaction to any problem historically has been to tax and spend or to implement unrealistic government-based solutions.

California is worth fighting for. I can provide the leadership needed to help reach our full potential. I look forward to discussing these issues, new ideas and my candidacy for the 71st Assembly District in 2016 with San Diego residents. Please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas with me.


Mike Harrison
Candidate, 71st Assembly District – 2016
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