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Richard Rider

In a Fiscal Policy study, CA Gov. Brown ranks worst — next worst gov ranks 37% higher than Brown

Well, at least it wasn’t close.  California Governor Jerry Brown has a LOCK on last place in a Cato study that just came out — comparing governors’ performance regarding “Fiscal Policy.”  The 2nd worst governor (John Hickenlooper, D, Colorado) earned an abysmal score — but still scored 37% higher than anchor-clanker Brown.

Thank Goodness Governor Brown is fiscally prudent — verified by gushing accolades from our ever-reliable MSM.  Otherwise Brown might have earned a REALLY low score!

Two state governors were not included in the report — the Republican in Alaska (due to the vagaries of their petroleum-based state budget) and the Democrat in West Virginia, who has been in office too short a time to rate in the survey.

pages 6-7 have the scores and rankings

By what can only be described as an extraordinary coincidence, the six best governors were all Republicans, while the twelve worst governors were all Democrats.  The bunching of the dozen Democrats at the bottom is deemed particularly odd, as there are only 21 Democrat governors in the entire country (including unrated West Virginia).

But repeat after me:  Correlation does not prove causation.  Yup, yup, yup.