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Richard Rider

The Texas experience with extensive concealed carry. Don’t show this to a gun hater

With the recent California court ruling apparently clearing the way for “shall issue” concealed weapon permits, doubtless we’re going to be hearing the usual laments about concealed carry — how it will transform CA into the Wild West. You know  the mantra — shootouts at fender-benders, bars ablaze with gunfights, etc.

It’s always fun to inject a dose of reality into such gun haters — it’s toxic to their wellbeing.  Here’s a sharp needle-full.   

The short article below highlights the URL-available stats about the ACTUAL experience of concealed carry in Texas.  People pack heat with great frequency in the Lone Star State — about 3% of the adults have a permit — over half a million people.

It turns out these heat packers are far less likely to shoot someone than the rest of the population.  Indeed, the non-permit holders of Texas are about NINE times more likely to murder someone with a gun than is a permit holder. 

The reader comments are also interesting.  Naturally I made a couple insightful observations there.