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Richard Rider

For generations CA population grew faster than Texas. But since 1992 the trend has reversed.

For decades the population of California was growing faster than Texas. It roared passed the population of Texas in 1934 and never looked back.

But by 1992 that trend had changed. Here’s the comparative figures in millions:

STATE               1992          2014           DIFFERENCE

California            30.97        38.80            7.83 million growth
Texas                 17.76        26.96            9.20 million growth

The difference is even more dramatic when one looks at the PERCENTAGE of growth in that time frame:

California      25.3%
Texas            51.8% — over TWICE the growth rate of California

The difference in growth is found in the “net domestic migration” — the movement among states. Since 1992 CA has lost a NET of 3.8 million people to other states. I say again — NET. Meantime Texas has been annually receiving thousands of economic refugees from other states — notably California.

California still grew because of three other factors:

1. Births
2. INTERNATIONAL migration — legal and illegal
3. People live longer