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Richard Rider

California MSM refuses to fully report legislature’s sexual harassment scandal

What is “fake news“? Definitions abound, of course.

But IMHO, the most common examples of fake news in the MSM are “lies of omission.” Our state newspapers have been covering a major story — while diligently FAILING to report a critical aspect of this huge scandal.

Over 150 women (I haven’t heard the figure recently) have come forward to report sexual harassment in our Sacramento state capitol. A number of state legislators have been investigated, with some resignations. All this has been diligently reported.

But what has NOT been reported is the number of sexual harassment claims against politicians and senior staffers in EACH political party. This omission persists — in spite of the fact that these accusations have been known for several months.

Looking over the newspaper stories, it appears that almost EVERY miscreant that is being investigated or sanctioned is a Democrat. To date I’ve found a total of TWO complaints from all these women against two Republicans – one each.

Now, with a 2-1 Democrat-to-Republican legislator ratio in the state capitol building, it’s no surprise that more Democrats than Republicans are being accused. But a 148-2 ratio???

Our state capitol is a wonderful petri dish for a scientific comparison of the improper sexual behavior of leaders in thee two political parties. Everyone works under one roof.

Everyone works under the same set of laws and rules. Everyone’s political affiliation is clearly established.

Aren’t these one-sided results a newsworthy story? Apparently not — if YOU’RE a Democrat!

Let me state it differently: If the ratio were 148 complaints against REPUBLICANS vs. 2 against Democrats, would that not be headline news — and the topic of scathing editorials and op-eds denouncing the GOP? Of course it would.

Given that the liberal narrative is that Republicans abuse women while Democrats are their champions, the legislative evidence effectively destroys this treasured “evil Republicans” mantra.

After battling through several state legislature roadblocks — roadblocks seeking to cover up for the miscreants — the diligent LA TIMES just recently (early February, 2018) got all the sexual harassment complaints released for review. While the names of the alleged victims has been redacted, the names of the alleged harassers has not. Even the LA TIMES, with the facts in hand, ignores this stunning disparity.

Here’s the convoluted link:

So with this information, anyone from the media or indeed the public can do a compilation of complaints by political party. As far as I know, no one has — or at least no one has publicized their findings. BTW, it’s not MY job (I’m retired) — it’s the MEDIA’s job.  But even if I did the compilation, my research would not be credible, as I am biased (a fair objection).

I should add that I’m sure that such a comprehensive review would show that there are more than two sexual harassment complaints against Republicans in the state legislature. But clearly the RATIO is amazingly lopsided. And as far as I can ascertain, TOTALLY unreported.
The MSM is disdainful of the Internet news alternative, but the collective MSM performance — driven by liberal bias — encourages people to seek information from often less reliable sources. The MSM has no one to blame but themselves.

NOTE: I wrote extensively about this unreported political disparity over 3 months ago. Nothing has changed.