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Ray Haynes

Do They NOT Know Freedom?

Democrats have long touted their “commitment” to individual freedom and “human rights.” In California, we are seeing just what freedom means to Democrats. Let’s start with a definition of individual freedom vis-a-vis the use of government power. As I see it, a definition of freedom starts with the assumption that an individual has the right to live his or her life as they see fit. In raising and feeding their family, in their thoughts and religious beliefs, in keeping what they earn from the sweat of their brow, in participating in the debates that shape public opinion, and in the acquisition and management of the things they own, they should be free of the use of government force unless what they do causes their neighbor some form of physical harm or property damage. A society that values individual freedom values freedom of contract, private property rights, freedom of speech and freedom of religion, and will take action to protect those values from intrusion of others, and will not intrude on those rights with the use of that force.

Democrats don’t, quite frankly, believe in those values, they don’t believe in freedom. I lay before you Exhibit 1 as proof of that assertion.

AB 5. They call it a “gig work” bill. The debate began with a court decision that rewrote the law on independent contractors. It has turned into an effort to unionize Uber and Lyft drivers, and make truly independent contractors “employees.” Uber and Lyft are great ideas, borne out of the bowels of the most socialist city in the US, in a truly innovative way to deal with the occasional need most people have to find a ride to work, or home, or wherever, without having to drive their own car. For those of us who have used the ride share service, it has been a welcome break from nasty, dirty, often unavailable taxis. That service filled a true social need, in a convenient, inexpensive way.

For those who drive for the service, in my experience, they have found a much needed source of additional income. Many immigrants find it a great way to break into the American dream. For seniors, it is a great way to supplement the meager morsels social security throws their way. For many families, it is a great second income, earned when the earner can devote the time to it. For all of them, participation in the service is PURELY VOLUNTARY. If they don’t like the terms of the employment, they don’t have to participate. What perverted sense of freedom leads one to conclude that government should interfere with the relationship between the “broker” (Uber or Lyft), the rider and the driver? If a driver wants to unionize, join a union. If you can convince enough of the other drivers to join the union, then that union can negotiate. If a driver doesn’t want to join a union, LEAVE THEM ALONE. Don’t run to government to force them to do something they don’t want to do (join the union and pay union dues) and most certainly don’t want to pay for. AB 5 is simply the Democrat minions serving their union masters. Power politics at its worst.

SB 276. The forced vaccination bill. I give away my bias. Back in the ’90’s, in a negotiation with then Governor Pete Wilson’s office, I, as the Republican Lead on Senate Health and Human Services, asked for a parental “opt-out” provision for vaccinations for children to attend school. I offer no opinion on whether vaccinations are good or bad. My kids were vaccinated. But I do believe forcing people to accept medical procedures they do not want is outrageous. The same applies to forcing parents to inflict these same medical procedures on their children. The use of government force to medicate children is an intrusion on the family. Parents raise children, not government.

How can a politician that gets outraged that a government would force a mother to carry a child to term on the grounds that it is the woman’s body, and she should be allowed to make her own medical decisions actually assert that government should interfere with a parent’s decision on the medication their child should receive? The positions are inconsistent, and forced medication is a violation of individual freedom.

We have met the fascists in California, and fascism, thy name is Democrat.