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Bruce Bialosky

The Person Who Could Have Stopped the Violence Sat in His Basement

There is one person more than anyone else who could have stopped the violence that has spread from city to city in America. These cities clearly have one thing in common. It is not their population of Black people or any actions that may have occurred there. It is the fact they are run by liberal — if not Left-wing — Democrats who hate Trump. The person who is the head of their party could have ended this. Joe Biden.

Someone might argue that Donald Trump is President and he should have stopped it. He tried. He offered the mayors and governors of all these cities and states federal help. He was turned down. He had to send federal officers to Portland to defend federal buildings from being destroyed because of either ineffective or non-existent policing. The Leftists running the city and state chastised Trump and called our federal officers Stormtroopers. They called the people throwing Molotov cocktails at the building and rocks at our officers “protestors.” What was the mayor’s plan – to go out and “protest” with “his people” until they realized he was the Mayor and they turned on him?

By the time the incident in Minneapolis happened and along with the violence that ensued, Joe Biden had been the titular head of his party. His nomination was assured, only awaiting the convention formality. He was not some green nominee unknown to Democrats. He was Vice-President for eight years. He knew how to wield power. He has told us he is prepared to lead because of his 44 years in elected office. They would not listen to Trump, but they would have listened to him.

Biden could have called Mayor Frey of Minneapolis and Governor Tim Walz and asked them to cooperate with the federal government and do what needed to be done to shut down the violence which grew and grew. Frey let a police station be destroyed. The rioters must have been elated when that happened. The destruction that occurred in Black neighborhoods that put many Blacks out of work caused them permanent harm. The violence did not end there. They allowed it to metastasize.

Biden did not call Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle and tell her to shutdown CHAZ/CHOP. How could she let the area where 30,000 people live and work be taken over by hooligans who then took over one of her police stations? Biden could have called Governor Inslee and told him the lawlessness was unacceptable and it was harming the residents and their political party. He did not. He stood by while they attacked President Trump who only offered help. They would not listen to Trump, but they would have listened to Biden.

Then there is the case of Portland where things are so bad that the state police pulled out after they replaced the Feds. That is because they were arresting people and the local prosecutors were releasing them back onto the streets to create more mayhem. On August 28th, Mayor Wheeler of Portland wrote another contemptuous letter telling President Trump he did not want federal help. After three months, Wheeler would rather let his city self-destruct than have Trump get any credit for fixing the problem. Governor Kate Brown would rather join in ad hominem attacks on the President than fix the problem. Biden is their party leader, but he will not tell them to can it; it is a disgrace. They would not listen to Trump, but they would have listened to Biden.

Biden has not talked to any of these people to tell them to cooperate with the federal government to stem the harm being done to our country.

There are many more instances where Biden could have stepped in, but he allowed his party’s mayors and Governors to disrespect the office he wants to occupy. Does he think he will waltz into the presidency and unite the country when 26 Republican governors have watched him stand by and do nothing?

The worst is what has happened in our nation’s capital where the Democrat mayor, Muriel Bowser, let these savages roam the streets of our nation’s capital while she handcuffs the police. After Trump’s acceptance speech at the White House, she did nothing to protect the guests. Having been at five national conventions I can tell you that in normal times there are people out to cause problems. I have seen many people restricted behind barriers yelling foul things and acting rabid. These are not normal times.

Many people departing the White House were accosted both verbally and physically. A United States Senator, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and his wife were so severely threatened they both stated if additional police had not shown up they likely would have been beaten like the Portland resident was recently when he was pulled from his car while coming to the aid of a transsexual woman. They both feared for their lives.

And what did Biden do – he did not even call his former colleague from the U.S. Senate to check on him. Neither did Senator Harris who serves with Senator Paul. Twenty-four hours later the loving, caring ticket had not even checked on Paul and his wife. How much do they care about the ordinary folk?

Biden finally came out and made his first comment about the riots and looting. He qualified it first by stating everyone has the right to peaceful protests. We all know that. This is America and it is part of our First Amendment rights. We are way past that. Why did he do it now? Maybe because people like CNN’s Don Lemon brought up the violence is hurting Biden in the polls. The danger to citizens and the fact they live in fear of being attacked is only important when you might lose the election?

Biden with no justification has stated President Trump is responsible for the violence. His minions are stating he (Trump) is fanning the flames. A president who has pleaded with these mayors and governors to accept federal help and they just insult him is the fault of the violence? Tough line to sell. Biden says if he were president this would not be happening.

Mr. Biden, you had your chance. You had three months of being the head of your party to coax your party members in the form of mayors and governors to put a stop to this. You could have shown real leadership and gotten full credit for working with them to end the threat to life and property. You failed. You lost your chance. Now whatever you say is meaningless. It is only to save your own skin, not the people of this country.

How you have handled this can only question why we should trust you with the most important job in the world. You blew it and with that you blew your chance at ever becoming president.