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Richard Rider

COVID-19 kills men FAR more often than women. But what if it were the other way around?

Unequal statistical outcomes prove discrimination.  Ask any progressive.

Any time one (preferred) group is doing less well than another less favored group, for liberals it’s conclusive evidence of racism, misogyny, sexism — whatever.  But the use of such statistical “proof” is clearly a one way street.

For instance, Asian men and women make more than whites.  And a LOT more than any other race.  The press doesn’t cover this fact because it drives a stake into the heart of “white privilege” identity politics. The phenomenal success of Asian immigrants to America is why most liberals probably secretly hate Asians.

EXCERPT:  Asian women and men earned more than their White, Black, and Hispanic counterparts in 2017. Among women, Whites ($795) earned 88 percent as much as Asians ($903); Blacks ($657) earned 73 percent; and Hispanics ($603) earned 67 percent. Among men, these earnings differences were even larger: White men ($971) earned 80 percent as much as Asian men ($1,207); Black men ($710) earned 59 percent as much; and Hispanic men ($690), 57 percent.

The above graph displays the 2017 figures.  The newest census figures (4th quarter 2020) show that the median income of Asian women is now higher than white males.  Again, crickets from the MSM.

Sooo, what’s this have to do with COVID-19?  Well, men are dying from COVID-19 a LOT more frequently than women.  I use my San Diego County for my example.  Geographically it’s a BIG county — larger than the state of Rhode Island.  It has a population of almost 3.4 million — larger than the population of 22 states.  It’s coronavirus numbers largely reflect the numbers nationally.

In the age 20-59 group (the working ages), for every woman dying with COVID-19 as a contributing factor, 2.7 men die. Even in the 60-79 age group, for every woman that dies, two men die.

Is that gender death disparity some sort of social injustice?  Is sexism a factor in this death rate difference?

Of course not. This difference can lead to an interesting discussion of what factors cause this disparity.  Perhaps men work outside the home more than women.  Or, on average, men take bigger risks than women. On average, men have a lower life expectancy than women.  But NO ONE would claim that it’s the result of some sexist bias or policy.

But just suppose that we were experiencing the OPPOSITE gender disparity.  Suppose that in the 20-59 age group, for every man who died from a COVID-19 related illness, 2.7 women died.

Let me assure you that the MSM and leading progressives would find some excuse to claim that this reverse outcome was caused by white males guilty of misogyny and sexist mindsets — and male privilege.  Democrats would demand that we give women “front of the line” treatment when it comes to the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

However, since it’s men who die more frequently from COVID-19, NO ONE is suggesting that men get front of the vaccine line privileges.  I have no problem with that — I’m just noting the obvious double-standard that has too often become the rule of law in our land.

BTW, last time I checked, there were 100 federal programs to help women — ONLY women — get into college and be successful in college.  Guess how many male-only federal support programs there are?
HINT:  You simply can’t guess too low.
For every 100 males graduating from U.S. colleges, over 130 females are graduating.  Apparently that gender disparity is not enough to satisfy progressives.