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Bruce Bialosky

Joe The Evil

While Joe Biden has only been in office roughly two months, we have an inordinate amount of material with which to analyze our new President. We all know that the Democrats like to characterize everything that was done by his predecessor as wrong and everything he said as lies. All those charges pale in comparison to the fact we have never had a more deceitful President than we have in Mr. Biden.

Let us start with the big picture. President Biden told America that he was equipped to be president and that he was a moderate during the campaign. Politically he was the “non-Bernie Sanders.” Nothing could be further from the truth.
It is quite obvious that he is not up to the challenge of the Presidency either mentally or physically. This was somewhat self-evident during the campaign but has become painfully evident since. He is a part-time President with a meager schedule.

Here is a telling fact. Presidents receive a daily briefing on security affairs. Bush, Obama and Trump got them early in the day – many times before 8 a.m. Biden typically gets his at 10 a.m. or later. I saw the other day he received one at 9:30 and it stuck out as unusual. This guy does not have the physical rigor to handle this strenuous job. He disappears regularly and is rarely available to the Press.

It was a very selfish act for him to pursue the Presidency. He and his family should have admitted that he was not up to the challenge. It is not just that he is 78-years old. He is a really old 78.

Then there is the other big lie – Joe, the moderate. He has signed on to every Left-wing agenda item that is being thrown at him by the Congress. There was the big lie in his one and only press conference when he stated he was controlling the political agenda. All the bills under consideration so far were submitted in prior Congresses and died. Some are barely updated like HR1, which wants to nationalize our election system. The political agenda is under the control of Nancy and Chuck, not Joe. And it is nowhere near moderate.

Even his fawning press is calling him the most Left-wing President in ages. They use a different term, but it is clear they are happy he is signing on to the Left’s agenda. At this point there is not a moderate position he has taken. He said at the infamous press conference he has met with Republicans (opposition) more than any of his predecessors. Whether or not that is true, he certainly has not factored in any of their input to anything he is doing. He has ignored them and thus has created a highly partisan environment in Washington.

This is evident by his 180 degree turn on the Senate filibuster. Despite his prior characterization on the Senate floor as necessary, he now wants to toss it over the side to achieve his newly adopted Left-wing agenda. He has followed in the footsteps of President Obama who eloquently defended the filibuster in the Senate and then recently cast it as a “relic of the Jim Crow era.” Biden has joined in using that incendiary language thus framing anyone who supports the filibuster a racist. And he is a moderate? What a lie.

Then there are the biggest lies of all. First, it was the $1.9 trillion supposed COVID bill. It was tangentially tied to the pandemic and massively tied to long-time Leftist policy goals. One would think our President should be straight with the American people when spending so massively. It is certainly a time-honored tradition to stuff a few non-related items into a bill. In this case, the reverse occurred where COVID related matters were stuffed in to cover for all the other expenditures.

Since Biden and his gang got away with that, they are now coming at us with another $3-4 trillion package misnamed an “infrastructure bill.” They are doing it in two stages. Last time they tried this was in 2009 with a bill which was supposed to fund all those “shovel-ready” jobs. Obama-Biden spent $900 billion, and we have yet gotten anyone to identify the infrastructure enhanced with that spending spree. Nothing can be more dishonest than a President telling Americans we are spending money on something they support and turn around and spend it on something else. If the programs are of such a worthy nature, why deceive the American people how the monies are being spent? And they say Trump was a liar.

Then there is his disastrous foreign policy. He starts by killing the Keystone pipeline which was a key element for how our Canadian neighbors were delivering their oil to market. Then, caused by his own insecurity when asked whether Putin is a killer, he does not offer a diplomatic answer. He says “yes.” This is the same guy who wants to make a deal with a murderous regime which funds groups that kill Americans – Iran. He has been slapped down by the Iranians who have finally agreed to sit down to make a deal while continuing to antagonize our allies who agreed to the Abraham Accords.

Last, his childish attacks on his predecessor. If Joe Biden had been President in 2020, we would still be searching for a vaccine — if we were even in clinical trials. To not admit that Trump at least did this one thing right is ghoulish. Then to make up lies about the border and say Trump was turning children away and they were starving in Mexico. Does this man understand he is President? He stated our Mexican neighbors were allowing children not admitted to the U.S. to starve to death. Not only is Putin a killer, but our Mexican neighbors are as well.

All this adds up to the only one obvious conclusion: Mr. Biden was so driven to achieve his goal of being President he was willing to sacrifice anything and lie about anything. That is truly evil.