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Bruce Bialosky

In Defense of White People

The current en vogue idea (dare I say “woke”) is to attack white people in the United States as if they are the devil incarnate. Our president does it regularly. Other white people have bought into this ridiculous line and humbled themselves unnecessarily. I am here to tell you, I am grateful for the white people that built this country and I believe they have truly little for which to apologize.

If you look at my picture some people mistake me as white. I am not – I am a Jew. Jewish people suffered in this country long after many other groups were assimilated. To this day, there are more heinous acts against Jews than there are against any other minority. Thus, I am speaking as a member of an outside group.

What I found was Jews kept their mouths shut, their heads down and worked and worked and worked. They kept the family as the center point of their existence, and they demanded from their children that they achieve a better life than they had.

The Jews took care of their own, setting up charities that helped other Jews and many non-Jews. The Jews not only became respected, but they also became revered by many groups. I have had black leaders tell me they wanted to model their community after the Jews because they took care of their own.

There is a charge that white people do not want hordes of brown people crossing our border. That is only partially correct. White people set up a country of laws. The laws are for everyone to have a chance at success even though a lie is being spread that the laws are only for their own self-preservation. They understand that the country’s success is because of those laws established and followed. Thus, they want people entering this country in a legal manner.

These “evil” white people set up this orderly society that has caused droves of people from all ends of the earth to want to come here. New arrivals in America marvel as the drive down the street and see people following the traffic laws. They marvel at going into markets and seeing shelves filled with thousands of choices for their carts. They marvel that there are days for their trash to be hauled off.

These white folks ask little, but for these newcomers to work hard, learn English, follow the rules, and become Americans. Becoming an American is always in the eye of the beholder, but almost all immigrants get it.

I spoke to a young man from Colombia on a student visa working here in a restaurant. I quizzed him about many things regarding his experience in America, including what he found most surprising. He said without hesitation “How hard everybody works here.” I told him that is why we are such a rich nation. I attribute that attitude to the white people who founded this country.

We experience a lot of people from Mexico and Central America in Los Angeles. I have yet to meet a lazy one. They are all here to work and advance their lives. They get it.

A lot of groups who come here get it. Indian Americans are more successful than native Americans. Three million black people have moved here in recent years and for the most part are successful. That is why people from Viet Nam, Japan and Thailand come here and end up owning homes at a higher percentage than white people.

My Mexican American gardener is successful and so are his children. They drive nice personal vehicles. They work hard and reap the rewards. My Salvadoran American handyman has children going to college. You might say these are just anecdotes, but they are a couple among millions of such anecdotes.

I recently stopped by the business my son and I operate. There were four gentlemen in their mid-30’s enjoying themselves. They were eating and drinking wine. The four are first-generation immigrants from Thailand, Macau, Taiwan, and the Philippines. I asked how they met. They are members of a Porsche car club. They told me they were living the American dream. They were nothing but grateful for the white people who established a society that allowed them to come here, create productive careers and get cool cars.

Some elected officials are telling people that they do not need to work hard. Or that their lack of success is because white people have stopped them from doing so. Certainly, there have been barriers put up in the past, but most of those have been torn down. There were many groups that came here and worked hard and overcame obstacles, both real and perceived.

These white people laid a foundation for anyone to become successful in America.

These white people fought a war to create this great country with a constitution that provides us unique freedoms.

These white people fought a war to free black people from slavery and died in the hundreds of thousands to complete our freedoms and keep our country united.

These white people fought two world wars that saved us and the rest of world from totalitarian governments.

These white people wrote new laws to guarantee freedoms for some people who were not fully sharing in our unique freedoms.

There are good and bad in every group of people. But it is time to stop questioning what the white people of the country have given us and the world. The same people who are questioning the society established by the white people they chastise are the ones who have created mass criminality in our streets exhibited by the looting of stores in broad daylight and random murders with miniscule law enforcement. They are the ones who have the blood of the Waukesha parade goers on their hands. They sit in their feathered perches telling others they need to revolt against the white people. They are simply race baiters and inherently negative people who blame others for their own lack of accomplishment.