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Bruce Bialosky

All You Ever Think About is Race

The Democrats always invoke thoughts in me of the 1984 Sparks song:

All you ever think about is race
All you ever think about exclusively
All you ever think about is race, all right with me

Of course, the song used a different word than “race” and, gosh, do I ever wish it were the good old days when all they thought about was sex. Where is John Kennedy when one needs him?

Is anyone genuinely surprised about the leaked tape becoming a national sensation? You know, the one where four “Hispanic” power brokers using some “choice” language while doing backroom dealing and attempting to get their team a bigger slice of the Los Angeles City Council? Certainly, some of the rhetoric was over-the-top and downright racist, but it just shows you the party of race sensitivity is really the party of racists.

Did you expect campfire sing-alongs of Peter, Paul and Mary songs and s’mores.

When your entire party is based on racial divide and group identity then one can only expect the groups to be focused on their own needs, wants and desires.

What do the four major subgroups of the Democrat party have in common? They are LGBTQ and their litany of alphabetic extensions; blacks; Hispanics (comprising people from 20+ countries); and Asians (likewise comprising people from 20+ plus countries). The Hispanics do not even like each other. Ask a Salvadoran about a Mexican or a Cuban sometime. Do you think the Koreans or the Vietnamese like the Chinese and vice-versa? Get real. What is the great mystery is why Asians and Hispanics are joined in the same party with this band of misfits.

This is what happens when you focus on race instead of people.

This has been manifesting itself for years. The Hispanics are an immigrant population that comes to America (hopefully legally), work hard, and do about everything that Americans want and expect of immigrants. The same with the Asian immigrants. They look at some of the entitled Americans who are native born and do not understand their sense of entitlement.
This was all exacerbated in the last two years since a sizable portion of America lost its mind over the improper police handling of a drug-infused, career criminal. The incident set off a rampage of violence by a group of people while others who work hard were losing their jobs amidst the violence. And some lost their lives.

David Brooks of the New York Times wrote, “At one point (now resigned Council head) Martinez vulgarly derided someone because ‘he’s with the blacks.’ You are either with one racial army or you’re with another.” Is this a shock when his newspaper has encouraged racial division of the paper’s favored party.

What they have perpetuated is the giant lie that only white folks can be prejudiced. This incident is proof positive that anyone can dislike others for whatever ill-conceived reason. Charles Blow, the amazingly racist black writer for the New York Times, had his own characterization of the incident. “Intra-minority racism is complex in some ways but simple in others. Racism is perpetuated by those who benefit from it. Anti-black racism benefits those whose appearances are least black. White supremacy benefits those who are white, or those are white-adjacent in both appearance, culture and affect.”

Otherwise, even though “whitey” was not in the room and the participants were complaining about whites supporting the blacks, the root cause was white supremacy. How does the NYT keep this idiotic racist on the payroll?

Let us focus on what this meeting was about. It was about Council’s district reapportionment which is controlled by the Council members. Remember meetings in smoke-filled rooms to attempt to screw the other party? There was no talk of those nasty Republicans because they are virtually non-existent. In a recent debate between Los Angeles Mayoral contenders Rick Caruso and Karen Bass, Bass’s main argument for her being elected was “Los Angeles is a Democrat city, and I am the true Democrat.”

This was all about the supposed coalition within the Democrat party. Politico recently broke down the status of the Council: 50% of the population is Hispanic but has only four of the fifteen council seats. Blacks are only 9% yet have three seats. Whites are 28% of the city and have six seats and, as Politico stated, Asians are 12% and are the only group with a proportional amount having two seats. This is seriously impaired thinking.

This is sick. No discussion of why people voted for candidates. It is as though one can only be accurately represented if you belong to one of these subgroups. Because of the nature of the incident there have been no discussion regarding other parties of interest – women and the litany of gay subgroups. We must have a proper apportionment of members for them also as their quotas need to be filled. As I said, this is sick.

The geniuses running this party have produced a solution – an “independent” commission to take control of Los Angeles apportionment. There is no such thing as an “independent commission,” but we will skip by that and conclude. Since the commission will not be doing apportionment based on a political ideology, it will rely solely on this: making sure the Democrat subgroups all get their proportionate number of seats on the City Council. In other words, the Commission will bake into the process the racial divides that were embodied in the behind-the-scenes seedy meeting. What an advancement for humans.

This is what happens when you have city ruled by one party, and particularly one run by Left-wing Democrats. It was so much more fun when all they thought about was sex.