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Bruce Bialosky

What This Election is About

Yes, we are having an election in next week and there could not be a clearer choice. In fact, there never has been.

I understand why some people wanted to toss Donald Trump out of office. He has a great ability to say things in ridiculously stupid ways. But he had this country in a rather good place until his replacement took over.

Let’s recount what has happened since Mr. Biden took over:

1. He has given away over $426 billion of our money to people who made a choice to take out college loans and now somehow feel oppressed. That does not include the billions he has already given away through other college loan relief programs. And yet he has proposed zero reforms to prevent this from happening again.

2. Parents in this country finally woke up to the fact the country’s public schools are dismal. This is the best thing that came out of the pandemic. They have come to realize the teachers’ unions have negligible interest in our children. The already horrific performance of these schools only became worse. Standardized test scores have plummeted from their already dismal levels. It is easy to brand the teachers’ unions as the most racist organizations in the country based on their performance with black and Hispanic children and their adamant opposition to charter schools.

3. Mr. Biden passed multiple bills that unnecessarily handed out money to people. Congress had just passed a trillion-dollar pandemic relief bill in late 2020 that had not filtered into the system when he assumed office. Then in March of 2021, the Democrats and Biden passed another $1.9 billion bill. And another. And another.

4. They committed $1.2 trillion to infrastructure. Has anyone seen any benefit from this yet? If there were bridges being fixed and roads being built it would be on the front pages of the NYT and WAPO. None to be seen.

5. These actions have caused inflation to soar. They keep blaming others as if printing $5 trillion with nothing to support it was of no consequence. This administration claims inflation is worldwide as if the largest economy in the world has nothing to do with it. As Milton Friedman stated in 1978, only Washington can cause inflation because only Washington can print money.

6. Crime has soared across the nation largely because of Democrat policies combined with Democrat DAs that favor criminals over law abiding citizens. Forget the historically stupid idea of defunding the police. The idea of no bail laws has caused multiple repeat offenders to go back on the streets and repeat their crimes over and over and over again. If you are not looking over your shoulder in a big city, you are a fool. This is their doing.

7. The stock market has tumbled in the last year losing well over 20% of its value. This is a direct cause of Biden and his party’s leadership. This has cost hardworking Americans trillions of dollars in lost savings.

8. The way we withdrew from Afghanistan was probably the most embarrassing moment in foreign relations since the British burned our Capitol.

9. That clearly emboldened the maniac in Russia to push forward and attack Ukraine. Many countries supported defending Ukraine. But where have they been in terms of real support? Running their mouths does nothing without real back up. The Baltic states and Poland have done their fair share, but the others? Where is Biden demanding equitable support? Just wait until the place must be rebuilt and see who carries the load.

10. Biden’s horrific idea to go back into negotiating with Iran. They were virtually broke, and he gave them money. Then he turned his back on Israel and the Abraham Accords countries. Biden does not understand that only the Left in America and Iran are still buying the pile of camel manure shoveled by the Palestinians. Saudi Arabia would be in the accords by now if it were not for Biden. And a Democrat told me he really liked Biden’s foreign policy.

11. Then there is the granddaddy of the horrible policy decisions. Biden has decided to abandon any sense of border enforcement. We now have millions of new people in the country without proper immigration. The Democrats like to point to the failure of bipartisan immigration reform. No, this is on Biden and his lying surrogates who tell us the border is secure. People from all over the planet have come here. We have no idea who they are, whether they are good people and whether they can add to our country as legions of legal immigrants have before. And then there is the flood of drugs, largely fentanyl, which is killing our citizens at outrageous rates.

Did I miss anything? Yes, these people should be voted out because of their constantly scaring people by saying our democracy is in danger. No, it isn’t and just because you are going to lose an election just reminds people you are a speck in the history of the planet.

Instead of changing course to retain power in Washington, the Democrats and their allies in the MSM have resorted to personal attacks on Republican candidates because they cannot argue on the issues.

The Dems have their own flawed candidates. Katie Hobbs, a candidate for Governor in Arizona, makes Karine Jean-Pierre seem like a wordsmith. No discussion about that. Mandela Barnes, U.S. Senate candidate in Wisconsin, seems like a normal person. But up close he is just a Leftist who makes AOC appear mainstream.

Then there is the king of freak candidates, John Fetterman in Pennsylvania. Way before he had his stroke this guy was plain weird. Walking around in a hoodie is not going to make you seem like working folk when your parents supported you until you were 49 years old. On public policy, this gentleman makes Bernie Sanders seem like Mitch McConnell. He is out there as far as one gets without being a member of the Sandinistas. Yet the press attacks Republicans.

And then there are Stacey Abrams and Robert Francis O’Rourke. They are special.

This election is all about public policy. If you feel safer, more affluent, more secure, and your children or grandchildren are on track to a brighter future, then you should vote for the Democrats.

I personally cannot fathom how anyone based on the above would not vote these people out.