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Scott Carpenter

Scott Carpenter
Scott is a past Chairman of California Young Americans for Freedom (Cal-YAF). He has been active in politics on a volunteer level and professional level since the age of 17. His political interest was sparked while volunteering for Former Congressman James Rogan’s re-election campaign in 2000 for a school project. A graduate of Concordia University, Irvine, Scott remained interested in politics throughout college, majoring in Political Science/History and served on the Student Senate and as Student Body Vice-President. Following graduation Scott joined the staff of the Republican Party of Orange County, overseeing voter registration efforts and precinct operations. He is a Policy Advisor for Orange County Supervisor Shawn Nelson. In addition to his position with the Orange County Board of Supervisors he is a co-founder and managing partner of Fusion Strategies, a public affairs and political consulting firm. Prior to that he served on the staff of Assemblyman Chuck DeVore for four and half years, and worked in both the Assemblyman’s capitol and district offices and was active in DeVore's race for United States Senate. Scott is also currently the Political Director of the Orange County Young Republicans and the California Young Republican Federation. Scott is a volunteer with Yellow Ribbon America and serves as an advisor with the YMCA’s Youth and Government program.

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