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Ray Haynes

REVIVAL!!! Part V – The Final Chapter – It Can Happen

I end with this observation – all the elements are there for a revival for Republicans in California. We are charged to keep the faith and keep up the work, just as Isaiah was charged by God to speak up and encourage the remnant.

You respond – how can the elements be there? We just got bludgeoned in the recall. Our Arrogant, Lazy Authoritarian in Charge (ALAIC) Gavin Newsom just beat the recall by the same margin as he won the Governorship (and was therefore allowed to crown himself “Il Duce de California”). Two things: (1) He had to completely change directions (at least for a short time) to avoid the recall, he actually became concerned about the will of the voters for a time, and now he has to worry about next year’s election, which will act as some kind of brake on his authoritarian tendencies; and (2) ALAIC Newsom and his allies had to outspend the recall about 50 to 1 just to stay even. They were losing 30 days out, ALAIC Newsom was losing it when he spoke to his supporters, and there was genuine fear he might lose in the campaign. The various leftist organizations that fund his regime were required to dump millions into… Read More

Ray Haynes

REVIVAL!!! Part IV – The Activists – Focus on the Future, Don’t Give Up

When I first began in politics, I had the vague suspicion that there were inappropriate things going on in the Riverside County Registrar of Voters office. Democrats controlled the Board of Supervisors, and our side seemed to lose close elections all the time. Some of the outcomes made no sense. When I got elected, one of the first things I did was to use what little influence I had to fix that problem. It was all about who occupied the key positions at the County. I didn’t wish to engage in voter fraud, I just wanted the work done fairly. When I left office, I believe we had fixed most (but not all) of the problems I saw in the office.

Given my past experience, I understand why a lot of conservative want the election audits and a large number of people believe that, if there was no voter fraud, Donald Trump would have been re-elected. I am one of those who believe that. I can’t prove it, but there are just enough questions about what happened to persuade me that fraud occurred. In addition to that, there is just too much noise in the media, noise that, in my opinion, amounts to propaganda, attacking those who claim the fraud occurred. The language… Read More

Ray Haynes

REVIVAL!!! Part III – We Must Be Present to Have the Chance to Win

Keeping on the theme of “Isaiah’s Job,” it is important to note that when God called Isaiah to encourage the remnant of believers in Israel, God did not tell him to sit at home and pray (although I am sure he was doing a lot of that too), God told Isaiah to go out and speak the truth. If we are to change California, and I believe we can, we have to get out of the house, get out into the neighborhoods, get involved in local political activity. Change our neighborhood, change our town, change our city, change our county, change our region, and we will change the state.

What does that mean?

First, for the elected Republican officials, especially those in the Legislature. You are being paid to be a political operative. Go out and operate. Now!!! We are a year from next years election. You should be out there already.

And not in your own district. You have already won that, at least once. Get to the districts near you, find candidates to run in those districts, and help them win.

When I was in the Legislature, I wrote up a plan, and I called it “Adopt A District.” I still have it, I will make it available to anyone… Read More

Ray Haynes

REVIVAL!!! Part II, The Role of Principle in the Revival

As a person reads “Isaiah’s Job,” one point that Albert Jay Nock, the author of the article, makes clear is that God’s mandate to Isaiah, as he sent him out to encourage the remnant, was that Isaiah was not to “muddle the message.” When Isaiah went out to preach, he would “preach to the masses” in the sense that he would get out and preach, but he would not change the message to make it more “palatable” to the masses. To encourage the remnant, to make them “stronger in the faith,” it was Isaiah’s job to preach the unvarnished truth, not some watered down message to make the masses feel better about how far from favor they had fallen.

How can that work in politics, you ask me. Aren’t we supposed to get more votes than our opponents? If we don’t “tailor our message” to meet the “masses” where they are, we are not going to get more votes than the Democrats who cater to the whims and passions of the public. Many say, and quite frankly a lot of the professional political class in the Republican party say, we are doomed to failure if we don’t… Read More

Ray Haynes


Soon after my first election to the Assembly in 1992, I was frustrated and lost. I felt like my activity in the Legislature was an exercise in futility. I had great ideas for change (or at least I thought they were great ideas), but I soon discovered that the Legislative Committees were structured for the specific purpose of killing popular ideas that did not serve the interests of the Democrat majority in the Legislature. Bills to put bad guys in jail? Poof, dead in a lopsided Democrat majority in the ironically named “Public Safety Committee.” Bills to make it easier to create jobs in California? Butchered in the misnamed “Labor and Employment” committee (it should have been named the Union and Unemployment Committee, since the committee was completely controlled by the union hacks that still dominate the California Legislature, who don’t care if you have a job, they only care enough to force the jobs on Californians that pay those hacks union dues). And so on…pick a committee, it was dominated by legislators whose only job was to protect the selfish interests of the Democrat constituency groups. What’s an idealistic young… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

The Truth About Critical Race Theory

A term few of us knew of a couple years ago has consumed a large part of the recent national debate. Critical Race Theory (CRT) has roiled America. To better understand where we are, I read simultaneously articles written by Christopher Rufo, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute and the main advocate against CRT, and Ibram X. Kendi, a professor at Boston University, who is one of the main advocates in favor of CRT. These two columns provided significant clarity to where we are on this issue.

Rufo’s column is Disingenuous Defenses of Critical Race Theory and Kendi’s column is There is No Debate Over Critical Race Theory.

Rufo dissects a column in the New York Times. The authors of that article assert that question of CRT being used in classrooms is a matter of free speech. Rufo makes a persuasive argument that proposed laws against CRT are attempting to level the playing field because the First Amendment is there to protect citizens from government and not government from citizens. The people arguing to curb CRT teaching in schools are attempting to limit the things government is saying. After reading the column, there is no clear definition of what CRT… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

New Reasons to Dislike Hate Crimes

Hate crimes always seemed like a stupid idea to me. If you are a Jew and your family member is murdered, do you really care that the murderer is a Jew hater? It goes the same for Blacks, Gays, or any other group. Personally, I would not care what the murderer’s motivation was; I would want them dead regardless. It is not a stretch to understand that people would use the law to expand the notion of a hate crime. That has once again been proposed making it an even better idea to junk the statute.

Hate crime legislation was first proposed in the 99th Congress which lasted from 1985 through 1986. It finally passed overwhelmingly in the House of Representatives in the 101st Congress in 1989 and then did the same in the U.S. Senate that year. George Bush, the elder, signed it into law that year. Just because it was passed with such large numbers and signed by a Republican president did not make it a smart idea.

It was initially passed to collect and publish data on crimes of race, religion, or ethnicity. In 1997, the categories of sexual orientation, gender or disability were introduced as additional categories. They passed and became law in 2009.

The question… Read More

Bruce Bialosky

Our Failed Medical Establishment

Our country has long known that our established medical oversight operations were a failure. The FDA suffers from bureaucratic inertness. We finally as a nation passed a Right-to-Try law, which returns control of medical decisions back to the doctor and patient instead of a spiritless administration. Faced with an international pandemic, we have now seen the costs associated with our disastrous medical oversight.

I previously published a column (see here) questioning the wisdom of our elected leaders regarding enforcement of vaccine mandates. The column addressed two issues: 1) Determining what punishment a public employee incurs from not getting vaccinated; and 2) Why is there no acknowledgement of natural immunity.

The day before that column published, I received a weekly update from a Los Angeles County Supervisor. Two supervisors were proposing the same policies as President Biden had for our national employees. Los Angeles County has been and continues to be on the forefront of enforcing strict mandates regarding COVID matters. You are required… Read More

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