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Jon Fleischman

On The Stump – Prop. 76

IRVINE PTA FORUM I received a telephone call from one of my local school board members, Carolyn McInerney (a Republican), late last week. She told me that she was having trouble finding someone to come and represent the YES on 76 cause at a forum being sponsored by the Irvine PTA and supported by the school district. It’s no wonder they were having trouble filling the spot. Carolyn, herself an opponent of the measure, disclosed to me that the State PTA had gone on record opposing it, that the district Superintendent would be on the program, opposing the measure, and that, by and large, the crowd there were ‘education folks’ who were opposed. Flying down to give the "No on 76" talk was the Deputy Executive Director of the California School Boards Assocation.

Well, clearly Carolyn knows me too well. The taller the odds, the bigger the challenge – like a moth to the flame, Jon can’t resist. So I agreed to come down and speak. After spending some time preparing (Prop. 76 used to be a very intimidating measure, now I really… Read More

Mike Spence

YAF, Jack Scott, Non-Partisan!

YAFis Young Americans for Freedom, the conservative student group formed to counter radical leftists in the 1960’s. Jack Scott is a liberal Democractic State Senator from Pasadena that helped break Republican control of the Pasadena-Glendale part of Los Angeles County in the 1990’s.

In a race for the Pasadena Area Community College (PCC) District they have cometogether holding hands.

Brandon Powers is the State Chairman of California YAF and his campaign for trusteewas just endorsed by Sen. Jack Scott— who also happens to be the past President of the PCC. You can read the press release here.

In full disclosure mode, I too have endorsed Brandon Powers– although that is not newsworthy.

So what is going on?This happens all the time in California. It is non-partisan race.… Read More

Dan Schnur

Schwarzenegger recall — yeah, right

I’m not a big one to spend my time worrying about media bias. It’s sort of like complaining about the referees. What good does whining do? Better to just go out and win the game…

That said, I’m about to violate my own rule. Yesterday’s New York Times ran a silly story about a doctor in Berkeley who wants to recall Schwarzenegger. He’s taken out the necessary papers and predicts that he’ll gather the million signatures with grassroots volunteers. (Ask Darryl Issa how far that approach gets you…) The Times does note in the sixteenth paragraph that thirty-two previous recalls have been attempted, with none other than the most recent one even coming close to qualifying. They don’t talk to Art Torres, the state Democratic Party chairman, who’s told other reporters that there’s no money to be raised to pay for another recall. But the Times does get to run a headline with the words "Schwarzenegger" and "recall" in it, even if the chances of Arnold being recalled are about the same as me being nominated to… Read More

Jon Fleischman

League of Cites: YES ON 76!

LEAGUE TRUMPS ITS OWN BOARD You didn’t read much in the main-stream media about the League of Cities meeting recently held in San Francisco. Then again, why would you? It’s the LEAGUE OF CITIES (can you say…B-O-R-I-N-G to any newspaper reader). Not so boring, though, is what happenned at this particular meeting relative to Proposition 76, the Governor’s "Live within our means" fiscal reform measure on the Special Election ballot.

You had a mini-debate of sorts as speakers to the League meeting included Governor Schwarzenegger, the proponent of 76, and state Controller (and candidate for Governor) Steve Westly, and opponent. There was a LOT of grassroots-style lobbying — with the leadership of the League out there trying to quell the groundswell — ultimately unsuccessfully. Despite a previous vote by the League Board of Directors to stay neutral, the delegates voter 135-124 to support it.

You don’t hear much from embarrassed League officials on this important demonstration of local support for Proposition 76, but… Read More

Jon Fleischman

Daucher NOT running for OC Sup.

BEHIND THE ORANGE CURTAIN In response to Orange County FR Blogger Adam Probolsky’s post of yesterday, Lynn Daucher reached out to me to let me know that she is NOT running for Supervisor. Furthermore, she personally called Supervisor Chris Norby to let him know that….

Given that is the least-kept secret in Orange County that State Senate Republican Leader Dick Ackerman has made it a high-priority to drum up an opponent to Norby (the two of them developed their ‘loving’ relationship when both ran for Assembly back in the ’90’s – Ackerman was the victor, but it was a nasty brawl). The question is, with Daucher out, who will be the next player in, "Can anyone beat Norby?"

From our point of view, NorbyRead More

Supervisor Brad Mitzelfelt

Joe Baca’s Dismal Dynasty

For better or worse, political dynasties do exist, even here. And while we like to think that at least some modicum of ability is required for political offspring to sustain a tradition (the Kennedys and Bushes come to mind), that clearly isn’t always the case. You can still find incompetence in government — from big cities to burgs and backwaters — born of apathy, cronyism, ignorance, corruption, racial politics, and even simple "name-identification." Such incompetence often results in under-representation of people who desperately need representation.

Welcome to San Bernardino County, home of U.S. Rep. Joe Baca, D-43rd Dist., and Assemblyman Joe Baca Jr., D-62nd Dist. While Congressman Baca is running for a fourth term, Assemblyman Joe Baca Jr. is gearing up to challenge Assemblywoman Gloria Negrete-McLeod for the 32nd State Senate Seat currently held by Nell Soto. Meanwhile, while Soto is planning to run for one more term in the Assembly, replacing McLeod in the 61st A.D., here comes another Baca torun… Read More

Rumor mill

According to a recent fund raising request Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher (R-72) is still running (and raising money for) termed-out Bob Margett’s 29th Senate District Seat.

But the rumor mill suggests otherwise, that she is considering taking on Orange County’s most principled supervisor Chis Norby in ’06.

Orange County has a fairly restrictive campaign finance law, but now-supervisor Lou Correa transferred six-figures from his state account to his bid for sup, so it can be done.

Norby is not only principled, but also a nice guy. His office dishes out none of the standard fifth floor (the sups offices are on the 5th floor of the county hall of admin.) pretense of self importance that others might trend towards.

Norby is more of a man of the people than a lobbyists’ hack. That is perhaps what Daucher, a moderate who would seemingly be more amicable to the gentle prodding of the public affairs crowd, is thinking about most when considering a run.

The 4th District seat has a recent history of turning-out its own, Norby… Read More

Michael Der Manouel, Jr.

The Thin Blue Line Lets Us Down Again


Fresno Police Officers Association President Jacky Parks, purportedly a Republican, is taking Fresno Mayor Alan Autry to task for having the audacity to support Proposition 76, the Live Within Our Means Act, on the ballot next month as part of Governor Arnold’s reform package. As the Bee’s John Ellis reported Saturday, here, Fresno’s public safety unions are threatening to sever ties with the city in ongoing labor relationships if the Mayor continues to support the Governor’s agenda. Frankly, I say let ’em walk out. I am continually disgusted with public safety siding with the idiotic majority in Sacramento. Further, I think its time for Republican legislators to stand up the cops and fireman and push back a little. Over time, Republicans have been THE law and order and public safety Party. We appoint tough judges, stand for strict sentencing laws and… Read More

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